THE GOLDEN RULE. Who has never heard of it or its premise? It is a ubiquitous, time-honored and universally rooted philosophy in all civilized cultures throughout world history.


Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Too, what reasonable person would not seek to abide by the Golden Rule? The key word is "reasonable." The Golden Rule is an excellent philosophy by which to live, as many humans do. However, as stated, it is a philosophy. Because it is a philosophy, its adherence is voluntary. There are no apparent consequences to following or not following a philosophy. Philosophies are systems of thoughts. They're not laws.

However, laws are different. Their adherence is obligatory, not voluntary. Violate laws and consequences are automatically activated. Penalties ensuing. Thus, people think twice about violating laws; not so with philosophies.

There is a universal law of life which, when applied to the Golden Rule, elevates it to a Golden Law. That universal law of life is also as old has man himself but most often disregarded, even discarded, as if it, too, were voluntary, which it is not. That universal law of life is karma.

Karma is a Sanskrit word for action and reaction, cause and consequence. All Saints, Mystics and scriptures teach that karma is a universal law, not a philosophy; that whatever we sow, we reap, and we cannot reap what we do not sow. Karma is the science of action and reaction. Here are just a few corroborating quotes:

Be not deceived. God is not mocked, for whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap.
~ Bible: Galatians 6:7

We reap the fruit as we plant the deeds; and . . . Whatever I sowed, so did I reap.
~ Guru Nanak, 15th/16th Centuries

The law of karma is the principal law of the creation; as the action, so is the reward.
~ Saint Tulsi Das, 15th/16th Centuries

Whatever thou hast sewn, the same shalt thou reap. No change in this shall there ever be; and . . .
The fruit of action unfailingly overtakes the doer.

~ Saint Ravidas, 15th/16th Centuries

What thou hast not done will never befall thee; Only what thou hast done will befall thee.
~ Saint Dadu Dayal, 16th Century

As one does, so does one reap. Thus, the whole world goes weeping and wailing; and . . .
The sower of the poison cannot but be engulfed in the poison.
~ Saint Dariya of Bihar, 17th/18th Centuries

Whatever we are reaping now, we, ourselves, have sown before; and . . . The Karmic Law
is supreme and inevitable and the sooner we reconcile ourselves with it the better.

~ Saint Sawan Singh, 19th/20th Centuries

The law of karma is universal. It is the fixed and immutable law of nature. Each soul must reap
what it has sown. Every soul shall have to bear the exact consequences of its actions.

~ Saint Jagat Singh, 20th Century

And so it goes – quote after quote, Saint after Saint, age after age – the message cannot be more clear. Whatever we sow, we must reap the consequences either in this life or a future life. Sow good seed, the reaping will be good. Sow bad seed, the reaping will be bad, and there will be no way to avoid it. None. No escape whatsoever. Karma is the Great Spiritual Scientific Law of this dimension. It is immutable, irrefutable and inviolable. Obey it or be victimized by it. Nothing happens in this life that we did not create – for better or for worse.

Thus, when we apply the Law of Karma to the philosophy of the Golden Rule the outcome is a Golden Law. Its formula is:

Golden Rule + Great Law = Golden Law

which reads . . .

The addition of the second line – "As you do unto others so will it be done unto you" changes the Golden Rule from a philosophy to a law, the Golden Law. Accepting, assimilating and living by this understanding is the next step up the ladder of conduct in manifesting a more evolved consciousness within each of us.

With the edition of the second line, consequences and penalties enter the equation. With such a revelation, how we treat others is not just a pleasant thought, it is the basis of reactionary consequences, reactions to our initial actions, mandating, forcibly and involuntarily, that we take responsibility for all we've done; that we experience the exact energies we placed onto the karmic circle of life, experiences that are unavoidably inescapable.

Furthermore, thinking that we are somehow special and that Karmic Law does not apply to us is pure ignorance and folly. Therefore, thinking before we act and considering the consequences of such actions is vital to our overall heath, happiness and well being.

As Buddha states:

If you fear pain, if you dislike pain, don't do an evil deed in open or secret.
If you're doing or will do an evil deed, you won't escape pain:
it will catch you even as you run away.

In fact, it can be argued that the Golden Rule was always a Golden Law but the second half, as is suggested here, was either never added or nefariously subtracted at some point in time to entrap souls in their ignorance.

Regardless, the fact of the matter is that none of us escapes our actions. We are helplessly bound by them, by their energies. If anyone thinks otherwise, let them argue with the cavalcade of Saints and scriptures that state and teach otherwise. And also let such souls go on suffering, go on weeping and wailing in the poisonous and incarcerating webs of their own creation. After all, is it not through our own pain, turmoil, suffering, sorrow and heartache that we're forced to reflect on our actions, make the proper adjustments (hopefully) and move on?

It is the Golden Law that brings perfect balance, perfect justice, to everything in life. What we put onto the circle of life invariably circles back to encircle us via the spiritually scientific law of karma – of reaping and sowing.

Let those who have the capacity to hear, hear; let those who have the capacity to understand, understand. Let us do unto others as we would have them do unto us because, as surely as the sun shines, what we do unto others will be done unto us. Of this there is no doubt. It is the Golden Law!
~ finis

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