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George Alexander Louis

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There's a divinity that shapes our ends.
~ Shakespeare (Hamlet. Act v. Sc. 2.)

God himself forces his creatures into destined paths of karmas (fruits of previous actions)
over which they have no control and which cannot be effaced.
Whatever is destined to take place must take place.

~ Guru Amardas (3rd Sikh Guru)

Shakespeare knew it. Guru Amardas declared it, as do all Saints. Life is destined . . . to the breath. What is destined to be will be, and what is not destined to be will never be.

And so it is for George Alexander Louis - the child born to Kate Middleton and Prince William of Great Britain, William himself being in line as the figurehead of England's tradition of kings and queens.

George Alexander Louis was born on 22 July 2013. The blueprint of his destiny, as all of our destinies, is contained in his declared birth name and birth date. His King's Numerology chart reveals, indeed, numbers and number patterns reflective of the life into which he was born. It is a life of power, privilege, public notoriety, and marked distinction. Yet, as everything in this dimension, it is not without its challenges, cautions, complications, and concerns.

Notice the amalgam of 1s, 8s, and 9s in George's Simple Basic Matrix. Also take note of the voids in the numbers 2 and 8. These two voids of the 2 and 8 will play a major role in his life as it relates to social issues and personal connection.

No numeric duo reflects ego and power more than the 1 and 9. The number 1 represents the self, the ego, the authority figure, boss, leader, activator, initiator. The number 9 represents rulership, power, the public domain, universal life stage and ambition. As is noted, the Soul of George Alexander Louis is a 1. His Material Soul (MS) is a 99-9. These Soul Layers define his deepest desires, needs, wants, and motivations. This individual wants to be the center of attention, desires to have power and prestige, to be known, to be a ruler of many. This will become obvious as he grows.

What is also of major note is that the ultimate role of George's life - his PE (Performance/Experience) - is a 9, as is his Nature (primary personality). This shows a further direct connection between his basic desires and personality and the reality he will ultimately come to know. Too, George's Expression (composite energies of who he is in toto) is a 1 - more energy of the self, the ego, the one who wants to be center stage and have the spotlight on him.

In addition to George's 1s in his Basic Matrix, his Crown Pinnacle in his Life Matrix is a 1 with a 55 root. This signifies that in his later years (after age 46) this 1 energy will become dominant for the rest of his life - a time that will resonate deeply and perfectly with his 1 Expression and 1 Soul. The Life Matrix, Pinnacles, Challenges, and Epochs are fully explained in The King's Book of Numerology II Forecasting, Part I (aka, KBN2).

Therefore, the desires, personal attributes, and ultimate reality of George Alexander Louis resonate perfectly. Should he live long enough to be King of England, he will not be a reluctant king, but one who embraces, by virtue of his most basic desires and personality makeup, his then station in life. This is a soul whose destiny perfectly matches his most basic self.

Added to George's strong influence of 1 and 9 energy is the 8, which occupies his Lifepath (the lessons, events, and circumstances of his life), and his Material Nature (MN), which houses a 44 root. The 44 energy often appears in charts of generals, executives, managers, leaders, and people who are socially active, involved, and who love worldly success, comfort, riches, social status, and prestige.

This Basic Matrix of George Alexander Louis perfectly resonates with the persona and life of a king. But kings don't have to have a royal heritage associated with them. For example, Elvis Presley (born Elvis Aaron Presley, 8 January 1935) was known as "The King of Rock and Roll." His chart was also filled with massive amounts of 1, 9, and 99 energy. Elvis also had the same voids of 2 and 8 in his chart. Presley is one of twelve historic individuals featured in Destinies of the Rich & Famous - The Secret Numbers of Extraordinary Lives, as is George's paternal grandmother, Princess Diana, who, interestingly, also had the numbers 2 and 8 voided in her chart. For a full King's Numerology assessment of Princess Diana's life, read Blueprint of a Princess - Diana Frances Spencer, Queen of Hearts.

Cautions and Concerns

This dimension in which we live is dual. There are two sides to every issue, every coin, every numeric vibration. The energies of voids and master numbers (double numbers of the same cipher) create problematic issues in any chart - voids because they represent missing qualities and master numbers because they represent enormous power, power which can be used positively or negatively, like nuclear energy.

The voids 2 and 8 are problematic in this regard: 2 governs close personal relationships, feelings, and concerns for others on an individual basis. When 2 is void in a chart, the individual often has no regard for others on an individual level. When 8 is void in a chart, the individual can be managerially challenged in not functionally understanding how to "connect the dots" in and of life. Both the 2 and the 8 represent social energies. Thus, when present as a duo, as in the chart of George Alexander Louis, they can negatively impact one's ability to resonate with others on a personal level and to not be able to connect well socially or administratively. If parents can teach their children the positive aspects of any void and to emulate those aspects, the children can turn the voided energy into a beneficial aspect of their lives. The best way to prevent such problematic issues from arising in the first place, however, is to create names for the children that contain no voids. This issue of voids and other aspects of childrens' names, personal attributes, and destinies are the substance of Parenting Wisdom For The 21st Century Raising Your Children by Their Numbers to Achieve Their Highest Potential.

For young George, this 2 and 8 void combination can be challenging because of what the voids themselves represent prima facia. However, the challenge becomes more critical because of the large amount of 1 and 9 energy in his chart, which is egocentric and power-oriented. If unchecked, the 1 and 9, especially when combined with a 2 and 8 void, can become arrogant and overbearing with no care for others or concern about how the people, events, and circumstances of life are interconnected.

Another issue of concern is that the first two names of George and Alexander are both 3s with roots of 39. These names create a Name Timeline (NTL) of joy, pleasure, and entitlement for the first 78 years of his life. In itself, this is not problematic, except when these name energies combine with his 8 voided Lifepath, resulting in an Influence/Reality (IR) set of 3/(8v)/2v, where the 3 filters through a voided Lifepath energy of the 8, creating a voided PE outcome/reality of 2. Once again, this is why parents would be wise to name their children without any voids in the full birth name. There's no way around it - voids are problematic. Yet, in all respect, the destiny of George Alexander Louis was created by higher powers, and it is exactly what is deserved for his life in this incarnation. For more on IR sets and Name Timelines, read KBN2.

These problematic issues aside, one of the major blessings for young George is that his parents, William and Kate, appear to be very grounded as individuals, in spite of their royal British heritage of privilege and power, which can often lead to a cold and sterile attitude toward the common people. They seem to have the same "common touch" that Princess Diana exuded. Without a doubt, William carries his mother's legacy of relationship, and Kate brings to their marriage, family, and national identity a strong, domestic, nurturing presence and support, as well as a beautiful sense of grace and motherhood. There is no doubt they present a very modern expression of what it is to be English royalty. There is also no doubt that William's mother, Princess Diana, would be exceptionally proud of her son, her daughter-in-law, and her grandson. Her powerful legacy continues to live on, and with it the undying proclamation, Long live the Queen of Hearts.
~ finis

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