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There is no such thing as chance, and what seems to us
merest accident springs from the deepest source of destiny
~ Johann Friedrich Von Schiller

What in the world is going on with Facebook? Even though it is the most successful social networking site in the history of the internet and boasts of 900 million users in 2012 (Wikipedia), its IPO (Initial Public Offering) on NASDAQ (National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations) has become a fiasco, replete with untold numbers of unhappy stock holders and instant lawsuits. Is such a sordid scenario a random happening or was such an event evident in the numbers of Facebook and its co-founder, Mark Zuckerberg?

To understand the Facebook IPO fiasco, we need to review a few numbers which are critical to it.
  • 8: rules social connection, interaction, involvement, business, commerce. However, when the 8 is void in a chart, i.e. when there is no H, Q or Z in the birth name, the energies of the 8 become disconnective and things tend to fall apart or demand excessive attention to keep the flow of the 8's interactive energies working
  • 3: rules communication, friends, fun, pleasure, image(s)
  • 2: rules relationships, others, contention, adversity
  • 5: Number of Man; rules diversity, movement, freedom, detachment, loss, change

Facebook's natal data is: Facebook, Inc., 4 February 2004. Its Basic Matrix components are: Lifepath is a 3; Expression: 3; PE: 6; Soul: 9; Material Soul: 3; Nature: 3; Material Nature: 6. Voids are 4-7-8.

Notice all the 3s in its Basic Matrix four of them. This is massive energy related to friends, communication, fun and images. Not only is the name "Facebook" a 3 Expression, but its life script is also a 3 Lifepath. Furthermore, its worldly desires are a 3 (Material Soul) and its dominate personality is also a 3 (Nature). With all this 3 energy, Facebook is the epitome of friends, communication, fun and pleasure.

However, on 4 February 2012 Facebook turned 8 years old but 8 is void in its chart. Therefore, its Age Timeline (ATL) is 8v/(3)/11-2. This pattern clearly indicates a disconnection (its 8 void) in the field of relationship, creating tensions among others, especially its stockholders a condition reflected in the 11-2 outcome position. In short, this 8v/(3)/11-2 is not a good sign of success.

There's more. The year 2012 has created a Universal Timeline of 5/(3)/8v for Facebook. Notice the 8 void in the final position, which is the outcome of the 5's energy of change. This also shows a disconnection from the masses, which is signified by the number 5. Not a good sign for Facebook's well-being or that of its shareholders.

These two Influence/Reality sets (IR) of 8v/(3)/11-2 and 5/(3)/8v have been major indicators defining the Facebook fiasco. But what do Mark Zuckerberg's numbers have to say about it all? Actually, they intensify the debacle.

The Zuckerberg Connection

Mark Zuckerberg was born Mark Elliot Zuckerberg on 14 May 1984. His Basic Matrix numbers are: Lifepath: 5; Expression: 7; Performance/Experience: 3; Soul: 7; Material Soul: 3; Nature: 9; Material Nature is a 5. He has no voids.

In Zuckerberg's Basic Matrix the 3 governs his Performance/Experience (PE). This is the role of his life. His Soul is a 3. This rules his most primal desires. When we correlate these numbers with those of Facebook, we see that the two charts are extremely intertwined. In effect, Facebook is Zuckerberg's life and desire base. This is all very positive as far as a relationship is concerned.

But here's the rub. On 17 May 2012, just three days before Facebook was launched on 17 May, Zuckerberg entered the "I" of his second name "Elliot." This "I" created a Letter Timeline IR set of 9/(5)/5, a pattern reflecting public (9) loss and detachment (5)! This followed a six year period in which Zuckerberg and his Facebook progeny experienced social success in a 3/(5)/8v pattern, a set derived from the tandem "Ls" in "Elliot." This shift from the 3/(5)/8v IR set to the 9/(5)/5 IR set in the very week Facebook went public is the most powerful smoking gun in the entire Facebook-Zuckerberg IPO fiasco.

Even though the 8 is void in the 3/(5)/8v pattern, its influencing energy is a 3, a sign of general good fortune. But there's a downside to this 3/(5)/8v IR set, and that is in the area of security and commerce. Facebook's inability to monetize its platform and to create a strongly secure site have been publicized issues of critical concern for the company even before its IPO launch.


In summary, Zuckerberg's 9/(5)/5 Letter Timeline (beginning just three days after his twenty-eighth birthday) and Facebook's Age Timeline of 8v/(3)/11-2 and Universal Timeline of 5/(3)/8v were major energetic players in the Facebook IPO fiasco.

What is extremely telling is that the 9/(5)/5 pattern of change, detachment and loss became activated in the very week of Facebook's IPO offering, falling and potential failing. How much more precise, specific and perfect can the science of numbers be?

Furthermore, the 9/(5)/5 IR set in Zuckerberg's chart will be active for nine full years until his thirty-seventh birthday. And . . . Facebook's ATL and UTL timelines of 8v/(3)/11-2 and 5/(3)/8v respectively will themselves repeat in their nine year cycle, becoming active again when Facebook is seventeen years old if the famed social site makes it that far.
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