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Numerology of America's Oldest Teenager

Copyright 2012 by Richard Andrew King

[This article is neither designed to extol nor defame Dick Clark. Its purpose
is simply to study the correlation between one's numbers, life and destiny.]

DICK CLARK has had the moniker of America's Oldest Teenager since he hosted "American Bandstand" television's longest running variety show from 1957 to 1987 [Wikipedia]. To say Dick Clark is a legend is an understatement. Dick Clark was a Legend Maker, giving singers and bands massive exposure to his Bandstand television audience. Madonna, Tina Turner, Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson and Simon and Garfunkel are just a sampling of iconic music legends he nurtured.

Clark, who was born Richard Wagstaff Clark on 30 November 1929, was an extremely successful businessman and host of several television shows including his namesake "New Year's Rockin' Eve." What numbers in his chart reflect Dick Clark's success? Why was he so powerfully connected to all kinds of people, and why was he so youthful? Of course you know the answers, right? You guessed it. The answers are in his numbers!

Dick Clark's Basic Matrix

Dick Clark's Basic Matrix gives us great instant insight to his enormous success, social power and youthful exuberance.

Social Power: 8-9-8 Combination

This 8-9-8 triumvirate of an 8 Lifepath, 9 Expression and 8 Performance/Experience (PE) with the 44 Master Worker/Leader energy is powerful. No two numbers in tandem are more socially and publically powerful than the 8 and 9 together. Plus, what is not shown is that Clark's Specific Root in his Expression is a 189, another cipher set manifesting the 8 and 9 in tandem. The 189 tricipher pattern focuses on the individual (1) connecting and interacting (8) with the masses (9) to create a universal personality, himself (9 Expression). The 8 is the most socially powerful energy of connection, interaction, involvement, business and commerce, while the 9 is the ruler of the public stage and everything of a universal nature. This 8-9-8 triset portends success right out of the womb.

The 4 Energy of Endurance, Work and Service: 22-4 & 4

No number is more constant than the 4. It is reliable, dependable, loyal, work and service oriented. Not only does the 4 occupy Clark's Soul (the primal desire center), it is also manifested in his Material Nature (MN) but with the 22 Master Builder energy in its root structure! Simply stated, Dick Clark wanted to be the stable, enduring Rock of Gibraltar, and he was . . . for his entire career until a stroke in December of 2004 marked the beginning of the end of his legendary life.

The Love of Music: 66-3

The 66-3 Master Lover/Artisan cipher occupies Clark's Material Soul (MS). This is the number giving him his love of music and of people. The 66-3 energy is often found in the charts of great musical performers. Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson to name two.

Youthful Energy: 77-5

No number is more youthful and exuberant than the 5. It loves action, movement, motion, change, variety, diversity. It also loves people and crowds. The number 5 is the fulcrum of the Alpha-Numeric Spectrum (single numbers 1 to 9). Therefore, it is the center of balance for all numbers, all people. Plus, Clark's 5 Nature is a powerful indicator of his youthful appearance, this coupled with the 3 in his Material Soul focusing on a positive, healthful, happy personal image. Clark loved to spread joy and happiness (3), be youthful and have fun (5) all at the same time. In fact, when did Dick Clark ever not have a smile on his face?

[for more on the Basic Matrix, read The King's Book of Numerology, Volume I: Foundations & Fundamentals. Also available at].

Dick Clark's Life Matrix

The Life Matrix is the superstructure of Clark's 8 Lifepath. All of the components of the Life Matrix filter through Clark's 9 Expression of charisma and universal appeal. There are four powerful number combinations reflecting his enormous success:

1. 9/(9)/99-9 Grand and Crown Challenges

Power, power, power. You just can't get more powerful than this 9/(9)/99-9 IR Set (Influence/Reality), which is basically a formula for "universal power in, universal power out." It oozes universal energy. In fact, there is no number pattern reflecting the public stage and universal theater of life more than this 9/(9)/99-9 IR Set. Having it occupy Clark's Grand and Crown Challenges is the most powerful smoking gun for his never-waning public popularity in the entertainment world. Elvis Presley had a 9 Lifepath, 9 Expression and 9 PE. Every one of Garth Brooks' components in his Basic Matrix are 9s, all seven of them. These two great performers charts reflect, too, the power of the 9, the Grand Elemental, and is it ever grand!

2. 6/(9)/6 Crown Pinnacle

The very top of Clark's Life Matrix, his Crown Pinnacle, contains this 6/(9)/6 IR Set of universal music energy. With the love of music and the masses crowning his life, this just added more fuel to his fame and popularity.

3. 1/(9)/1 Grand Pinnacle

The Grand Pinnacle is the core of Lifepath. It works in tandem with the Grand Challenge, which for Clark is the 9/(9)/99-9 IR Set. The difference is that the 1/(9)/1 IR Set references the self, the 1, as the incoming and outgoing energy associated with the public. This is the number pattern signifying Clark's hosting of many shows and always being the centerpiece of whatever he was associated with. He was the star, plain and simple.

4. 3/(9)/3 1st and 3rd Epoch Pillars

The 1st and 3rd Epochs are the bookends of the Life Matrix. They reflect the beginning and ending parts of the life journey. Joy, happiness, words, communication, art and smiles are all components of the 3, which is both the influence and outcome surrounding Dick Clark's life.

Name Timelines

The three names comprising Dick Clark's full name were Richard Wagstaff Clark. Many people have three names. However, the outcome (PE/reality) energy of each of Clark's separate names are all master numbers! The reality of the name Richard is a 33-6 the master number of extreme communication and media. The reality of Wagstaff is a 55-1 the master number reflecting the most original and unique of personalities. The outcome number for Clark is a 44-8 the number of the administrator and executive. These three master numbers serving in the outcome position of the three names in his full name confer a large amount of yet more power to Clark's destiny.

[for more on the Life Matrix, Epochs, Pinnacles and Challenges, read The King's Book of Numerology II: Forecasting Part 1. For further reading on the destinies of other famous celebrities, read Destinies of the Rich & Famous: The Secret Numbers of Extraordinary Lives. Both books are available at].


Of course it is sad when an icon like Dick Clark passes away. He was a dynamic personality and a very decent and good man who gave much to the world through his love of music and people. Actually, he hasn't really passed away. His soul has simply departed his body and moved on, to where only God knows for sure. Frankly, we should be happy for Dick Clark. In many ways he had a very charmed life, a fun life, a service-oriented life that made millions of people happy. He is one of those human beings who will definitely be missed, for he was most definitely loved, appreciated and admired. ~finis

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