Richard Andrew King's new book, DESTINIES OF THE RICH & FAMOUS is a wonderful account of how the destinies of some of the world's most well known people are vividly portrayed in their numbers. It is amazing to see how different key events in their lives coincided with exact numerical resonances. This is a MUST READ for anyone interested in the subject of numerology. Well done, Richard!        Frank Monahan

Mr. King's method of decoding and interpreting numbers is nothing short of amazing! His understanding of numerology and use of the Pythagorean System is far superior to other methods I have attempted to study and put to use. One of his bases is "you cannot describe a person or entity with just a single number." Mr. King clearly defines and decodes the complexity of individuals within his system in a manner unlike most other numerologists. He also very tastefully touches upon spiritual aspects. You cannot avoid noting the existence of a Higher Power in operation when you understand that numbers are coded in absolute perfect order within all things.

Mr. King shows us in DESTINIES OF THE RICH & FAMOUS how some rich and famous people carry common patterns of numbers in their charts. By identifying and verifying these sets of numbers as examples, we can find our own set of numbers which will help us attend to everyday challenges and assist us in making correct situational choices. This is a great tool in understanding others around us, while assisting our own navigation in life. That is to say, to become the "Captain of my ship." I highly recommend this book to anyone searching for improvement in their life.

I am ever so grateful that Mr. King has shared this incredibly valuable knowledge for the benefit of all. Just a few more heartfelt words - Thank you so much!
       K. G. Tatsuta, Artist


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