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Numerology of Olympic Gold

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For each of them, the most important thing in living was to
reach out and touch perfection in that which they most loved to do
~ Richard Bach, Jonathan Livingston Seagull

It was a glorious moment - magnificent, stunning, beautiful, artistic, mesmerizing, perfect. It was as gold as gold could be. "It" was the ice dancing performance of Meryl Davis and Charlie White at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, a performance rewarded with a Gold Medal.

Davis and White have been skating together since childhood. Since becoming a team in 1997, their accomplishments are noteworthy. Also, they are the first Americans to win a World ice dancing championship, as well as being the first Americans to claim a coveted Olympic ice dancing gold medal, a performance, by the way, which earned the highest point total ever recorded in ice dancing history [Wikipedia].

To be skating together as a team for so long, to be as successful as they have been, to attain the zenith of their sport, and especially to deliver such immaculate performances as they consistently do begs the numerological question, "What is it in their numbers that identifies and defines their relationship, their art, and their massive success?"

Meryl Davis & Charlie White - Basic Matrix

Wow! It is no wonder Davis and White have been successful! Other aspects of their full numerology charts aside, their Basic Matrix reveals powerful connections. Yet, it should not be surprising. Powerful lives and destinies manifest powerful numbers. Of the twenty-one Basic Matrix components among them and their relationship Mix (Davis/White), fifteen are master numbers - a whopping 71.4% of the total Basic Matrix aggregate! Those master numbers are 11, 22, 33, 88, and 99 - all critical energies associated with partnership, excellence, artistic expression, competitive dominance, grace, elegance, power and public acclaim.

The Power of the 7 and its 88 Master root

Meryl's Nature and Material Nature (MN) are both 7s. Her Nature houses an 88 master number. This is a powerful energy of analytical assessment in the process of connection, interaction, and involvement. Charlie's Material Soul houses an 88 master number and a 7 Material Nature. Besides being analytical and self-examinatory, two other attributes of the 7 are grace and stateliness - certainly important qualities in ice dancing, qualities that have played a critical part in the success of Davis and White.

The Power of the 9 and its 99 Master root

No number is more complete, charismatic, and universal than the 9, especially a 9 which houses a 99 master root. Charlie White's Performance/Experience (PE), his reality in life, is a 99-9. Additionally, the team of Davis and White has a 99-9 in its Nature. Too, Meryl Davis' Lifepath is a 9. Thus, Meryl Davis, Charlie White, and the Davis/White team all resonate with an intrinsic energy of power, dominance, charisma, and the public stage. Other famous people with the 99-9 master number in their charts are Dr. Albert Einstein, Amelia Earhart, Elvis Presley, President John F. Kennedy, Michael Jackson, Jackie Robinson, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Mother Teresa, and Princess Diana.

The Power of the 4 and its 22 Master root

The 22-4 master number reflects strength, stability, order, structure, work, sacrifice, discipline, and control. Meryl's Soul and Material Soul (MS) both house this dynamic energy. Therefore, her desires and motivations are saturated with the need to work, build, be strong, disciplined, structured, and controlled. Charlie's Expression (who he is) is also a 22-4. This "Soul to Expression" connection is the most important connection in any successful relationship, and it helps explain why the structure of their dance movements are extraordinary and well-choreographed.

The Power of the 2 and its 11 Master root

For a successful competitor, the 11-2 is an important energy because it governs all things associated with relationship, and that includes competition. Both Meryl, Charlie, and the Davis/White team have dual 11-2s in their Basic Matrix. Meryl's are in her Expression and PE; Charlie's are in his Soul and Nature; the Davis/White team houses it in its PE and Material Soul. Again, this amount of resonance bodes well for their success.

The Power of the 6 and its 33 Master root

There is no number more artistically creative and self-expressive than the 33-6. Although neither Meryl nor Charlie have it in their Basic Matrix, their relationship does - in its Expression and Soul. Thus, when these two dynamic individuals come together, their basic desire and persona is to be creative and artistic, more so than either of them individually.

The Power of the 1 and its 55 Master root

Beyond the Basic Matrix energies, Meryl Davis' Name Timeline PE of Meryl is a 55-1. Not only this, but the Specific Expression of the name Davis is also a 55-1. No number is more unique, original, individualistic, and one-of-a-kind than the 55-1. As mentioned in other articles, all the individuals featured in Destinies of the Rich & Famous - The Secret Numbers of Extraordinary Lives, had the 55-1 in their natal chart except Marilyn Monroe. This double 55-1 in Davis' chart guarantees her originality.


This brief article has touched lightly on the reasons behind the enormous success of the ice dancing team of Meryl Davis and Charlie White. Numerologically, their relationship is very rare, very rare. To have the types of connections their chart reveals, as well as reflecting such a massive amount of master number power, is extraordinary, indeed! Yet, it is through numerology that we can see why they are, and have been, so exceptional for so long. From a relationship-team aspect, their combined charts are so highly unusual that there may never be such a partnership again quite like theirs. Their charts, as well as their beautiful and exquisite artistry are, in a pair of words, exceptional and phenomenal. And in one word, gold!
~ finis

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