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The Karmic Connection

This article is neither intended to extol nor defame anyone associated with the Casey Anthony trial. It is simply pure opinion.

        The tragic death of Caylee Anthony, the trial of her mother, Casey Anthony, and its verdict have magnetized and inflamed a nation as well as creating heated debate over the American judicial system. Should Casey have been found guilty of murder? Did she, in fact, kill her daughter? The jury said no. Was justice done? This article explores the karmic connection between Casey and Caylee and offers a different perspective of the Anthony tragedy.

         The Casey Anthony trial captured a nation. The verdict embroiled it. "Here we go again!" has been a popular outcry. Shades of the Bill Clinton, O. J. Simpson, and Michael Jackson trials and their acquittals loom angrily and all-too-familiar among the masses who watched those trials. Cries and screams of injustice and total jaw-dropping bewilderment fill the land . . . again! How could yet another jury let yet another person off the hook for their misdeeds? What is wrong with the American system of justice? This begs the question, "Is there any justice at all? The answer is yes. There is justice. Considering the karmic connection offers an explanation.

        Karma is a Sanskrit word for action and reaction. It's the same thing as cause and effect, sowing and reaping, planting and harvesting. The Law of Karma says, We sow, we reap, and what we do not sow we cannot reap. We all are familiar with this concept of sowing and reaping, but do we really believe it, let alone live it? That's the rub. And do we understand that our actions in one life are imprinted on our soul and go with us from life to life? What we sow in one life may not manifest for many lives, and when it does manifest, only a partial picture of the entire drama is viewable because we cannot see from life to life. We only see in this life. It's like going into a movie late and seeing a woman shoot a man to death and judge her guilty of murder, but when we see the movie from the beginning, we realize the man she killed murdered her husband, children, raped her and is about to kill her when she kills him in actual self-defense in that moment we entered the theater late. In that "late" moment we are helpless to make an accurate judgment because we do not have all the facts in the case. However, once we have a picture of the entire drama from the beginning we can then make an accurate assessment of the woman's actions. This is true for anything. We only see in this life what is performed in this life. We don't see what happened in other lives to create the experiences of this life.

        Saint Dariya of Bihar, a Perfect Saint of the 17th/18th Centuries said, What you have not done will never befall you. Only what you have done will befall you. This is simply another way of saying, What you sow, you reap. Therefore, the experiences any of us have at any time in any life are the reaping of the seeds we planted in a past life and time returning to us in their own time of harvest. The fruit of such sowing may be sweet or bitter but it is the fruit we planted and we must harvest it. What we place onto the Circle of Life inevitably circles back to encircle us. We sow, reap, and what we have not sewn we cannot reap. This is the Law of Karma manifesting itself perfectly in our lives and creating perfect justice. There may be disbelief in this idea of karma but Perfect Saints and Living Masters throughout time all teach that the Law of Karma is real, exact, and inexorable. It is part of the Creator's scheme.

        This is not to exonerate Casey Anthony for her deeds. Simply not reporting your child missing for thirty-one days is itself an atrocity beyond belief for any normal parent, let alone killing a child. It's unthinkable and nauseatingly unspeakable. Too, because we are limited as humans in our understanding and scope of life from life to life, incarnation to incarnation, we have to act according to the laws of our society, which has been done in the Casey Anthony case. But what if in another life, the roles between Casey and Caylee were reversed? What if Caylee had been a wicked mother neglecting, causing the death of, or even murdering her daughter Casey? Then in this life, Casey exacts her debt and the seeds Caylee planted come full circle to encircle her?


        Given the understanding of karma, whatever happened between Casey and Caylee Anthony in this life is the result of seeds planted in a previous life or lives. Part of their drama is now playing itself out in this life. In the whole Casey/Caylee Anthony tragedy what many people see is a mother not only neglecting her daughter and perhaps killing her or in some way causing her death; a jury that lacks common sense and doesn't understand the difference between "beyond a reasonable doubt" and "beyond a shadow of a doubt" or no doubt at all, and a murderous mother walking free with the potential of gaining wealth from her crime. It's all understandable, and it has inflamed the masses on both sides of the isle. Still, what is unknown is the life-to-life involvement between Casey and Caylee. None of us know that. This is not to say Casey Anthony should not have been tried in a court of law. She should have, but the court of human law is not the court of divine law, which is why justice in this world will always be . . . blind justice.

Copyright 1998 by Richard Andrew King

Logic doesn't rule the world,
The Law of Karma does.
It is the way the world works
since the world was.

In counterpoint to justice lacking
in this world of women, men;
in Truth, there's total justice
from beginning to the end,

for Justice rules through karma,
not through human laws.
Justice is Divinely based;
its roots in Godly Cause.

Think not there is no justice.
There is, but we're confined
to understand its workings
from this side of the Blind.

Remember, karma is inexorable.
Its justice is unflawed.
There never is injustice
in the Hallowed Halls of God.

~ finis


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