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As with every one of these insane demonic events, the King's Numerology
expresses its heartfelt condolences to all those individuals who died and
suffered as a result of mindless human mayhem.

The world has indeed turned insane.
~ Saint Dariya of Bihar

In this world there is nothing but strife, struggle, and conflict.
Lasting peace can never be found within the domain of the mind and senses.
So it was from the time of creation and so it will always be.

~ Saint Charan Singh


From the Saintly perspective, this is a dark world. It is filled with pain, suffering, turmoil, and adversity. This is why Saints remind us of our divine heritage - that we do not belong to this world and to get out of it.

The month of April certainly has its share of dark events. Can numerology shed any light on the numeric energetic ties that bind these events together? The answer is 'yes.' Of the following horrific events occurring in the month of April, the numbers 11-2, 15-6, and 16-7 are common. Arguably, there are no three numbers in concert which, when their negative side is activated, contain more dark and destructive potential than this problematic triumvirate.

April's Dark Side Events

Following are some of the tragic events occurring in the month of April. Numbers and their chart placement are noted. For simplicity sake, the calculations have not been included. The important issue of note is the commonalty of the numbers 11-2, 15-6, and 16-7.

  • Boston Marathon Bombing: 15 April 2013 (16-7 General Universal day; 15-6 Calendar day; 11-2 1st Challenge). Tax day in the United States.

  • Virginia Tech Massacre: 16 April 2007 (11-2 Universal day; 16-7 Calendar day)

  • Columbine High School Massacre: 20 April 1999 (7 Universal day; 16-7 1st Challenge)

  • Oklahoma City Bombing: 19 April 1995 (11-2 Universal day; 15-6 1st Challenge)

  • Waco, Texas, Siege of Branch Davidians: 19 April 1993 (15-6 1st Challenge)

  • Titanic Sinking: 15 April 1912 (15-6 Calendar day; 11-2 1st Challenge)

  • Abraham Lincoln Assassination: 14 April 1865 (11-2 Universal day; Died: 15 April -- 15-6 Calendar day; 11-2 1st Challenge)

  • Hitler born: 20 April 1889: (16-7 1st Challenge)

  • Martin Luther King, Jr.: born Michael King, Jr. on 15 January 1929; died 4 April 1968 (16-7 Calendar day PE; 11-2 1st Pinnacle PE; 15-6 Name Timeline PE of "King")
Two other major historic dates of interest involving the numbers 15-6 and 16-7 are:
  • Pearl Harbor Attack: 7 December 1941: (7 Calendar day; 16-7 Universal day; 15-6 Year [1941] )

  • Julius Caesar Assassination: 15 March 44 BC: (15-6 Calendar day)

This listing is a sampling of historic events in which the 11-2, 15-6, and 16-7 are manifest. What these events reveal is the connection of the dark side of this triumvirate and actual events. As unseemly as it is, they do reveal a numeric connection which cannot be denied. This is just another example of the science of numbers and their association to life and destiny, albeit the dark side.
~ finis


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