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Numbers rule the universe.
Everything is arranged according to number and mathematical shape.

Pythagoras - Greek Philosopher & Mathematician- 580 B.C to 520 B. C.

For those in the West who question numerology and its veracity, particularly those within the realm of Christianity, one simply has to look to the Bible for corroborative support. The Bible is a living testimony of the ancient science of numerology, a science which, in fact, predates Christianity. The Bible is, arguably, the richest study of the use of numbers and numerology in existence. As Christ spoke in parables, the Bible is a numerological parable in itself. Furthermore, it must be remembered that the teachings in the Bible originated in the East and that Christ, himself, was an Eastern, not Western, mystic.

Right from the first page of the first chapter of Genesis, the Bible states that on the first day God created the universe (Genesis 1: 5), then added the sun, moon, stars, earth, creatures and man on subsequent days and rested on the seventh day (Genesis 2: 2). It is not coincidence that the number '1' represents the vibration of new creation and genesis, while the number '7' represents rest and quiet.

The number Three (3) is extremely prevalent in the Bible. Below are just a few examples illustrating this point.

1. There were twelve tribes of Israel. Twelve reduces to the number 3: 12 > 1 + 2 = 3

2. Christ had twelve disciples. Again, a '3' by reduction.

3. Christ was denied three times by Peter, betrayed by Judas for 30 pieces of silver, was crucified with two others (a total of three) and rose on the third day.

4. In Genesis it is stated that a man's years shall be one hundred twenty (Genesis 6: 3). Again, 120 reduces to a whole number 3: 120 > 1 + 2 + 0 = 3.

5. Noah had three sons (Genesis 6: 10)

6. The length of Noah's Ark was three hundred cubits; its height, 30 cubits, and it possessed three stories (Genesis 6: 15, 16)

7. Adam lived for 930 years (Genesis 5: 5); again a three in reduction: 930 > 9 + 3 + 0 = 12 > 1 + 2 = 3.

8. Jonah was in the belly of the whale for three days and three nights (Jonah 1:17)

9. The word, "Bible", is a 3 in reduction:  B I B L E:   2 + 9 + 2 + 3 + 5 = 21: 2 + 1 = 3!

What does all of this mean? Why the number Three? Three is the cipher for perfection. Representing the trinity, it is the integration of Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Basically, the Bible is a work which represents the Perfection of the Trinity as well as the perfection and integration of our own body, mind and spirit.

Another interesting number which constantly appears Biblically is the number Forty (40). After Noah built the Ark, God caused it to rain for forty days and forty nights (Genesis 7: 4), the flood was on the earth for forty days and forty nights, and when the flood waters finally abated, Noah opened the windows of the Ark on the fortieth day (Genesis 8: 6). Moses, of course, led the children of Israel out of bondage as they wandered in the wilderness for forty years and received the ten commandments from the Lord after fasting on Mount Sinai for forty days and forty nights (Exodus 34: 28). Jesus the Christ fasted forty days and nights in the desert (St. Matthew 4: 2) and visited his apostles for forty days after his ascension (Acts 1, 1: 3).

All of these references, of course, give rise to the spiritual meaning of the number forty, as well as establishing the Bible as a clear and profound historical and numerological work. It is clear from these examples that 'forty' is the number of spiritual cleansing, testing and purification established in a structure of separation, deprivation, devotion, determination, discipline, denial, self-abnegation, self-sacrifice, self-control, work and effort. In other words, there is a definite framework to spirituality.

And then there is the number Seven (7), mentioned in the Bible no less than 668 times in 562 verses ( God rested on the 7th day and blessed it (Genesis 2: 2-3); Cainan lived seventy years (Genesis 5:12); the days of Lamech were 777 (Genesis 5:31); Christ and the seven loaves of bread (St. Matthew 15:36) and the seven baskets (St. Matthew 15:37); the seven brethren (St. Matthew 22:25). The Book of Revelation is a cornucopia of the number Seven: the seven heads, seven crowns, seven kings, seven golden vials, seven angles, seven last plagues, seven seals, seven spirits, seven starts, seven horns, seven eyes, seven trumpets, seven thunders, seven churches, seven golden candlesticks, - it almost never ends. Why? Why the number Seven? As Pythagoras said, Seven is the most spiritual of all the numbers because it's a synthesis of the Four (the square of matter) and the Three (the trine of the spirit). Seven represents the energy which tests us and takes us deeply into the hidden realms of the Spirit and the Inner Kingdoms. Seven is the most exalted of all the basic nine numbers, which is why it is given the highest placement on the cover of The King's Book of Numerology, Volume 1: Foundations & Fundamentals.

And on and on it goes--numerical reference after numerical reference. Truly, the Bible is a veritable treasure trove of secret, spiritual, mystical and numerical codes. The ancients knew the secrets of numbers, and it may be to our benefit to understand them as well. Simply because we are somewhat technologically advanced does not mean we are humanistically, spiritually or metaphysically advanced. To think that, as a race of human beings, we are superior to other races in other ages, let alone those races on other planets in other solar systems and galaxies, borders on ignorance and arrogance. Those people living in the Biblical era and who wrote the Bible obviously knew something we don't, and they left us with a work that is conclusively and irrefutably . . . numerological.



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