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[This article is neither intended to extol nor defame anyone. It is offered simply as a means of relating the numbers
associated with the events and circumstances of the Aurora, Colorado movie theater tragedy of
20 July 2012 to further the understanding of numerology as a science.]


The world has indeed turned insane.
~ Saint Dariya of Bihar

Insanity marches on. The movie theater massacre in Aurora, Colorado on 20 July 2012 marked yet another instance of murderous mayhem in America. The King's Numerology offers its deepest condolences to the families of those who lost loved ones, as well as those individuals who are negatively affected by such insanity.

In response to the endless litany of "Whys," numerology offers some definite answers. There are nine major aspects in the chart of murderer James Eagan Holmes (born 13 December 1987) that are directly applicable to the Aurora massacre:

  • Voids of 2 and 9
  • Life Performance/Experience (PE) of 9
  • 7/11-2 1st Pinnacle Influence/Reality Set
  • Six 1s in his 1st House of Self & Ego
  • 1/5 1st Challenge Influence/Reality Set
  • 1/33-6 Name Timeline of "Eagan"
  • Master Builder 22 in his Expression (full name)
  • Triple Master 444 Monthly Timeline PE
  • Event date of 20 July

Voids of 2 and 9

Voids are missing numbers in the birth name of an individual. They can become highly problematic. A 2 void exists when the name contains no Bs, Ks or Ts; a 9 void occurs when there are no Is or Rs. The killer's name, "James Eagan Holmes," manifests both a 2 and 9 void. This is a dangerous combination. When the number 2 is void, it can indicate a lack of concern for the personal welfare, feelings and lives of others. When the number 9 is void, it can reveal a lack of respect and compassion for the public en masse. It also can represent a sense of powerlessness and a need to therefore generate an appearance of power, to be dominant, and most of all to be known. A 2 void and a 9 void in tandem is an excellent "sit up and take note signal" for a total lack of remorse, as has been characterized in Holmes' demeanor. This 2 void/9 void pattern created both yellow and red flags for anyone intimate with Holmes' numbers, be those individuals parents, family members, doctors, nurses, counselors, psychologists, law enforcement officials or whomever.

Life Performance/Experience (PE) 9

Each of us has a major performance we will give in life marked by a single number 1 through 9. This is known as the Performance/Experience or PE. For James Eagan Holmes his life's PE is a 9 the energy of the public stage, power, rulership. This number can be benevolent or malevolent depending on other factors in the chart. Certainly having a 9 void situated in his PE position played a major negative role in the Aurora movie massacre. When any number is void, people often do whatever they can to fill up the void, i.e., the missing energy. In this case, Holmes obviously tried to fill his own internal emptiness of personal power by nefariously manifesting a false sense of power by destroying other people. A 9 void in the Life PE is a red flag, without a doubt.

7/11-2: 1st Pinnacle Influence/Reality Set

Holmes was born on 13 December. When the 13 is added to 12 (December's numerical cipher), the result is a 25, a 7 in reduction. This pattern occupies his 1st Pinnacle, a period in his life from birth to age 31. This is a yellow flag. 7 references isolation, inner turmoil, tumult, critical examination, intelligence and an overall sense of withdrawal and recession. It is the most internal and introspective of all numbers. Too, 7 can be a dark number, manifesting challenges of ethical, moral and spiritual purity.

When the number 4 is added to this 7 (4 is the Expression number associated with the name "James Eagan Holmes"), the outcome is an 11-2. This can be written as 7/11-2, an Influence/Reality (IR) set in which turmoil and tragedy are possible. Since Holmes' 2 is void in his chart, this 7/11-2 IR set can more specifically be written as 7/11-2v. This indicates that his mental processes translate into a negative outcome involving others which generate intensity, adversity, treachery, deceit, conflict and indifference - all characteristics of a 2 void. Not a good sign, and certainly another yellow flag in Holmes' life.

Six 1s in his 1st House of Self & Ego

Another major consideration when assessing the Aurora shootings is the amount of 1 energy in Holmes' House of Letters, also known as his Intensity Table. The number 1 references the self, the ego, a person's will, and a propensity to want to be the star, the center of attention, the main attraction. It is this energy of egocentricity that dominates his House of Letters to the tune of over 34%, which is very high. Holmes has six 1s in his Intensity Table. This is very unusual, and although not necessarily raising any yellow or red flags, it does speak to one's sense of self and identity, which in this case was negatively influenced by his 2 void, 9 void and 1/5 1st Challenge.

1/5 1st Challenge Influence/Reality Set

More yellow flags here. When the 12th (December's cipher) is subtracted from the 13, the result is a 1. This occupies Holmes' 1st Challenge, a period harmonizing timewise with his 1st Pinnacle from birth through age 31. The number 1 in any Challenge position references negative issues with the self, ego, identity, courage, authority figures and males in general. In conjunction with the amount of 1 energy in his House of Letters, this is not a good sign. Furthermore, when this 1 is added to his 4 Expression, the result is a 1/5 IR set indicating detachment, freedom of action and loss. 1 and 5 are both fire signs. This 1/5 1st Challenge reveals that Holmes was suffering from a loss of personal power and identity conflicts from the moment of his birth. There could also have been issues with his father, other males or authority figures.

1/33-6 Name Timeline of "Eagan"

In conjunction with Holmes' 1st Challenge of a 1/5, as well as the six 1s in his House of Letters, his middle name, "Eagan," is also a 1! This name is active for nineteen years (from age 13 to 31). This adds to the large amount of ego in his chart, corroborating his self importance, arrogance and need to be the center of attention. When added to his 5 Lifepath, a 1/33-6 IR set is created. The 33 indicates powerful energies of artistic expression, vanity, personal image and narcissism. It also helps explain why he orchestrated his maniacal madness to include a movie theater, centering himself (the 1, the star), dressed like the Joker in full battle armor and playing out his own twisted, demented and deadly life drama, totally devoid of any feeling for others on both a personal level (2 void) and humanitarian level (9 void).

Master Builder 22 in his Expression (natal name)

Much has been made regarding Holmes' extreme planning and organization. Basically, he manufactured this killing field. A major reason for this is the Master Builder 22-4 energy associated with his name, "James Eagan Holmes." The 22 is a powerful energy of methodology, development and construction. It can be a very positive and powerful vibration. However, because Holmes' 2 is void, his 22-4 can be written 2v2v-4, thus illustrating a mass murder scheme whose very foundation (4) was anchored in a total lack of concern for other people (2v2v).

Triple Master 444 Monthly Timeline PE During the month of his killing spree, Holmes was in the 296th month of his life. This creates a reality Triple Master Number of 444 an extremely powerful energy of organization and planning. This tri-master has ascending levels which translate into an 88-16-7 sequence a potentially cold, calculating, ruthless, dark, ominous master executioner energy of utter chaos, turmoil, tragedy and suffering.

Event date of 20 July

Another interesting fact of this horrible event is the date itself, 20 July. Here again is the 2, a number which we recall is void in Holmes' name. Frankly, the number 2 is often present in events such as this. America's Tower Tragedy of 11 September, aka 911, is a 2 in reduction. Its Pinnacle is also a 2 (9 + 11 = 20), just like the date of the Aurora incident, 20 July. Eerily, the Columbine High School massacre occurred on a 20 day as well 20 April 1999. In conjunction with the date, the name "Aurora" is also a 2 in reduction. To complicate this, the word "Colorado" is also a 2. In other words, this entire event is intricately connected energetically - the day, the town, the state, and multiple aspects of the killer's chart. It is, indeed, a Shakespearean tragedy calibrated in numbers, particularly the number 2.

All of these 2s create a condition called stacking - the simultaneous occurrence of the same number in a chart. Stacking creates intensity, and the more intensity, the more potential for disaster. In this case the 2 created a six stack occupying the following components of the Aurora tragedy:

  • The 2 void in the name "James Eagan Holmes"
  • 2v2v- Root of his Master Builder 22-4 Expression
  • 7/11-2v 1st Pinnacle IR Set PE
  • Date of the event: 20 July
  • Name "Aurora"
  • Name "Colorado"


Of course there are no words which can soothe the pain and suffering of those who have been personally affected by the insanity and loss of life and well-being during the Aurora movie massacre. Our hearts go out to everyone, and our prayers are filled with the hope that the survivors will find some solace and peace, eventually.

To encapsulate the Aurora Movie Massacre in one sentence, it can be said that it was in large part due to the large amount of egocentric energy of the 1 working in concert with the stacking of the non-caring personal energy of the 2 void which corroborated the non-caring universal energy of the 9 void. All of these factors together played a major role in contributing to such a heinous situation.

However, in light of this event, as well as all events in life, numbers do offer an explanation of the events and energies of destiny that create them. As we're constantly reminded by the great Pythagoras, "Numbers rule the universe; everything is arranged according to number and mathematical shape." Sadly, this also includes the murderous machinations and insanities of deranged and troubled minds.
~ finis

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