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Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom
must undergo the fatigue of supporting it.

~ Patrick Henry

No man is entitled to the blessings of freedom
unless he be vigilant in its preservation.

~ General Douglas MacArthur

If all that Americans want is security they can go to prison.
They'll have enough to eat, a bed and a roof over their heads.
But if an American wants to preserve his dignity and his equality as
a human being, he must not bow his neck to any dictatorial government.

and . . .
History does not long entrust the care of freedom to the weak or the timid.
~ President Dwight D. Eisenhower

They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little
temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

and . . .
Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become
corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters.

~ Benjamin Franklin


Freedom. It is the hallmark of The United States of America. It is her lifeblood, as well as being the manifest desire of her soul. It is freedom which magnetizes independent and kindred spirits to gravitate to her shores and, unfortunately, attack them as well. It is freedom which makes America great, but it is also freedom which may be her undoing if she does not awaken to and live within the spiritually positive aspect of the freedom vibration, a vibration whose intrinsic opposite polarity is slavery.

These are, indeed, challenging times for America. There is great change, upheaval, uncertainty, loss and detachment. Externally, the assault of freedom upon America’s borders is being energized as never before, but internally she is also experiencing the deleterious and destructive effects of freedom’s negative polarity, slavery, generated by a lack of discipline, patience and self-control; an unhealthy amount of both sense indulgence and instant gratification, an inordinate amount of cupidity, inappropriate media sensationalism, an unhealthy preoccupation with personalities, a quick fix mentality, beliefs and subsequent behavioral patterns of action without consequence, as well as a disregard for the divine values and principles which create true freedom, which are the foundation of her core and which allot to her the potential for lasting greatness.

Positive & Negative Aspects of the Five (5) Vibration

In numerology, the number which represents freedom is 5 (five). Five is also the number representing slavery. Why? Because in this polarized dimension, everything has two sides – a positive charge and a negative charge; an external aspect, as well as an internal one. The positive aspect of the 5 energy is freedom, but its negative aspect is slavery, the abnegation or denial of that freedom, if not its actual destruction.

It is this opposite aspect of freedom which has not received enough attention from Americans, and if this opposing energy of the freedom/slavery coin is not addressed, America is headed for the enshackling experience of abject slavery both on a personal and public basis.

America’s Lifepath: a 5 Vibration

The Lifepath (the script of an entity’s life; the ‘energy world’ in which the entity exists, the road the entity is to travel) of The United States of America, numerologically speaking, is a 5 (five). The Lifepath is a derivative of her birth date data: 4 July 1776. When we add these numbers together, a 32 results. When we add 3 + 2 together, a 5 is, of course, the result.

Were we to reduce the day, month (July) and year (1776) to single digits and then add these together, a 14 transition binary root would result which would further reduce to a single 5 cipher. July is the seventh universal month and 1776 reduces to a simple 3 when added together ( 1 + 7 + 7 + 6 = 21 > 2 + 1 = 3).

Therefore, America maintains a Simple Lifepath of 5, with a Transition Root of 14 and a Specific Root of 32. What do these numbers mean?

In numerology, 5 is the cosmic cipher representing freedom and its opposite polarity, slavery, as mentioned earlier. Five is a fire sign, extremely energetic, mercurial, animated, experiential, exploratory, diverse, versatile, moving, unconventional, detaching, sensuous and senses oriented. It craves change, excitement, movement, variety and, most of all, freedom and liberty.

If understood spiritually, no vibration creates more true freedom than the Five because, through its positive polarity, it detaches and releases us from the bondage of materialism and allows us to make a spiritual ascent free of all attachments. As all Saints and Mystics teach, attachment is the root of all suffering, so when we are spiritually detached, we cannot, do not, suffer. But in order to detach, we have to be attached to something higher, finer and purer. That Something is the Spirit Within each of us, the essence of the very saying we have attached to our money and creed: “In God we trust.”

However, Five can also sink us to great depths through its negative polarity and make us slaves to materialism by attaching us to the Five senses, material sensations, worldly experiences and exploratory sojourns through energy fields which, for our spiritual good, would better be left alone. Of the twelve chakras (energy vortices) in the human body, seven are in the head and five exist below the Third Eye (the sixth chakra in ascending order from the root chakra beginning from the lowest aperture, that of elimination). The five lower chakras in the body below the Eye level help keep us trapped in the material world of sense, sensation and form. These five are the throat-5th, heart-4th, solar plexus-3rd, organs of reproduction-2nd and elimination-1st.

The 14 & 32 binary roots of the number Five

The 14/5 binary root is the vibration of detachment because it is a result of the 1 energy of creativity and new beginnings acting upon the 4 energy of structures, forms and foundations, yielding the 5 vibration of freedom or slavery depending on how the energy is managed. When the 1 is subtracted from the 4 within this 14 binary root, the result is a 3. This means the challenge of such freedom lies in the field of communication, words, speech, personal self-expression, fulfillment, pleasure, ease of living, happiness, good times, beauty, health, disease, perfection, the Trinity, holiness. This goes directly to the principle of Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Expression which America is constantly addressing and by which She is legally constantly challenged.

The 32/5 binary root involves the 3 energy of communication, self-expression, pleasure, good times, etc., once again, as these energies focus upon the 2, the vibration of others, relationships, caring, opposition, balance, imbalance, females and all things ‘yin.’ It is this 32/5 vibration which has given the 5 the reputation of being a fun loving, party vibration because it represents experiences (5) based in the pleasure (3) of others (2).

When we subtract the 2 from the 3 in the 32 binary root, a 1 is the result. This 1 represents the challenge of the Individual, individual rights and independence. Interesting isn’t it that both of these challenges (the 3 of the 14/5 and the 1 of the 32/5) relate to Freedom of Expression (3) and Freedom of Individual rights (1) – the focus of so much energy, action, thought and philosophy in America.

America's Soul Desire

The Five Lifepath of the United States depicts the script of her life and the lessons she is to learn and embrace. This, of course, is derived from her birth date data. But her deepest desires, that which she wants and needs, her very lifeblood, spring from the vowels in her name, those alphabetical ciphers in which our most intense needs and wishes are hidden.

The Soul energy of the United States of America is a 9. This is derived by adding her vowels together.

Nine (9) is the vibration of universality, philanthropy, philosophy, artistic exposure, humanitarianism, the macrocosm, the world stage, rulership, power, dominance, artistry, ambition, endings, conclusions, crowds, the ‘many.’ With a 9 in her Soul position, the United States of America has a desire to be dominant, powerful, all-embracing, all-encompassing, all-inclusive, commanding, humanitarian, universal.

When we add her 5 Lifepath vibration to her 9 Natural Soul, the result is a 5 as well.

This energy is called the Material Soul and it represents how the Natural Soul energy plays itself out, i.e., how it manifests itself. In this case, of course, the desire of America’s soul focuses on freedom for all people. This desire is poignantly depicted in the proffering of the Statue of Liberty:

Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free.

The ‘huddled masses’ are represented by the number Nine; the phrase ‘yearning to be free,’ of course, by the number Five.

So not only is America’s Lifepath a journey in the lessons of freedom, but her most personal desires, those which drive her very being, are centered in the principles of freedom as well! It is no mistake that the United States of America is an embodiment of the freedom principle. Five is not only Her Lifepath but also her Lifeblood!

Slavery Issues

To be free, to choose one’s own lifestyle, religion, work, friends, interests, recreation, living quarters, diet, etc., etc., is, of course, wonderful. But freedom also has its counterpoint, its opposite polarity, its down side. For freedom, its antithesis is slavery.

In this world, the Law of Karma, Cause and Effect, Action and Reaction, Sowing and Reaping is inexorable, indomitable, unrelenting, unyielding, exact. Saints and Mystics throughout the ages have testified to this fact of our existence in this dimension of duality throughout every age, and there is no escaping its veracity and reality.

In effect, in this plane, there is no action – good or bad -- without consequence. Every action immutably houses its own inherent, intrinsic and inescapable opposing reaction, and this is the bete noire (the black beast, the Achilles’ Heel) of the 5’s freedom energy, i.e., its opposing polarity of slavery. Without question, we must eventually harvest what we plant. We cannot harvest oranges if we plant apples. Nor can we harvest the rewards of discipline and self-control if we plant indiscipline and intemperance.

In spite of what we may normally think freedom as being - action without consequence, we would be better served to take a more Cause and Effect approach to our thoughts in this regard, and the thought to be considered is this: Freedom is not license, nor does freedom generate action without consequence or impunity (exemption from punishment). Freedom is Liberty in conscience of consequence. In other words, true freedom exists within the context of consequence, of realizing that every action has its own reaction, every cause generates its like-kind effect, every harvest produces crops of its own seed. To be sure, pure and positive action yields pure and positive reaction, while impure and negative action generates, by Natural Law, impure and negative reaction and . . . there is no escaping either.

In keeping with this law of action/consequence, when action is created within the energy framework of that which is undisciplined, uncontrolled, intemperate, sensation driven, cupidity saturated, carnally based and self-obsessed, the consequential reaction cannot be freedom because the natural consequence of such energies is to rebound upon the doer, the one who creates the action, entrapping him in shackles of like-kind energy where he is forced to harvest the seed he planted and to eat its fruit, and the seed of the aforementioned actions can only be slavery of the spirit. As Ravidas says, “The fruit of action unfailingly overtaketh the doer.” In other words, we cannot escape our karma. It will catch up to us sooner or later and enslave us in some capacity. So the question arises in relation to the 5 energy, “What kind of action do we want to experience as reaction – actions which generate spiritual freedom or actions which generate material bondage and slavery?”

In further understanding this issue of freedom, let us use the analogy of a concert pianist. Certainly such an artist has extreme and beautiful freedom when it comes to creating music. Yet, such freedom is not gained without discipline and concerted effort for many long years of determined practice. The pianist’s musical freedom is rooted in discipline and structure, not the absence of it. If the aspiring pianist took the viewpoint that “I am free and can practice any time I choose, to whatever degree I choose,” he would certainly be exercising his right to free choice, but would he ever create and sustain the type of exquisite artistic freedom which a disciplined course of action would have generated? Of course not. Thus, freedom, true freedom, is based in discipline, regimentation, sacrifice and persevering self-control.

This is the concern of the 5 vibration for America or anyone operating within the energy field of the Five. For there to be true freedom, there must be discipline, self-control, self-abnegation, self-sacrifice and a mental focus upon those things which create true freedom and keep us from being enslaved by lower desires and energies. Disciplined actions bring disciplined results; undisciplined actions bring undisciplined results, elevated and edifying thoughts lift us higher, while lower thoughts bring us down. It’s axiomatic. Whatever we sow, we reap. Whatever we plant, we harvest. Whatever we think, we become. Whatever we do is done to us. Whatever we consume consumes us. Of all this there is no escape, and no belief, philosophy, invocation or prayer will change or altar this fact because this is His Fact. Why would He change that which He has already made?

Furthermore, if we were to live this law rather than consider it a mere ‘niceism,’ it would revolutionize our lives. Yet, we often think this universal law of Karma, Sowing and Reaping, Adjustment, Cause and Effect, Planting and Harvesting, doesn’t apply to us, individually or collectively. We somehow, in spite of our intelligence, overlook the mystic fact that what we do will be done to us. In other words, we will become the recipients of the very energy we created. Wisdom then says to us that we should look to the results of our actions before we execute them because we will eventually be enveloped by them and oftentimes at a time, place and manner not of our choosing.

Therefore, when we as Americans or individuals think of freedom, if would be wise for us to look to the consequences of our actions and the Great Cosmic Law of Cause and Effect before we generate such actions, for in this dimension there can be no action without consequence. The number Five not only represents freedom but slavery also, and, to be sure, freedom is not license. Freedom is liberty in conscience of consequence, and the opposite side of freedom is, as we have been discussing, slavery – the exact opposite of the freedom we seek. Remember, when we hold a coin, we hold both sides of the coin simultaneously. As in a twenty-four hour earth cycle, there is day and there is night, so in the 5 vibration there is freedom and there is slavery, and whichever we choose to focus on, we will get its reward.

Spiritual Lesson of the number 5

The spiritual lesson of the number 5 is, in actuality, not freedom of action but freedom from action and its resulting reaction. In other words, total soul Liberation. When we rise high enough within the spiritual realms, Mystics tell us we will move beyond the domain of action and reaction where the soul is free from the fetters of the lower worlds. It is then that we will be truly Free.

America’s Lifepath, and anyone possessing a 5 Lifepath as well, is given the script of experiencing issues of both freedom and slavery. Oftentimes, we learn the positive by being subjected to the negative. Think of America’s Civil War, for example. The issue of freedom from slavery was a driving factor. Regressing farther in time, America’s Revolutionary War was fought to oppose the tyranny of those whose desire it was to subjugate her, to deny Her the political, religious and economic freedom she desired. In effect, America’s freedom as a nation is heavily rooted in her opposing polarity, slavery, viz. a viz. the Revolutionary War with Britain and her own Civil War, and . . . from a numerological perspective, this has been her Lifepath, the script of her life, a 5 Lifepath, as established in her birthdate of 4 July 1776.

Read more about America, freedom, the 5 vibration and the events of 911 here: Spires of Fire.
~ finis

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