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I love to argue. Iíve always loved to argue.
~ Justice Antonin Scalia

A man who has made no enemies is probably not a very good man.
~ Justice Antonin Scalia

I attack ideas. I donít attack people. And some very good people have some very
bad ideas, and if you canít separate the two, you gotta get another day job.

~ Justice Antonin Scalia

United States Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has been referred to as a Juris Titan and, to be sure, he is an American justice with titan numbers! His King's Numerology chart is awash in powerful master energies. Most profoundly, his chart reveals the undeniable connection between one's life and one's numbers. Indeed, numbers rule the universe, including each of our destinies.


When we look at Justice Scalia's Basic Matrix we see dominate energies involving three major areas:

A. Double Master 11-2

Scalia's 11-2 master energy is located in his Expression and primal Nature. This reveals his love of contention and opposition. He states emphatically, I love to argue. I've always loved to argue. No number houses more opposition, confliction and argumentation than the 11-2. It is the manifested epitome of one idea (1) versus an opposing idea (1); one person (1) versus another person (1). This 11-2 energy of opposition is who Antonin Gregory Scalia is (Expression). It is also his primal nature (Nature). Pretty intense.

We must remember, too, that Scalia's 11-2 Expression (simple form is "11") is the filter for every component of his Life Matrix (LM), which is discussed below. This means that every experience, condition, situation, person, etc., in his life's journey will pass through his 11-2 energy, thus coloring the outcome. So when he says he loves to argue, that he's always loved to argue, he's truly speaking his numbers because, like all of us, he is his numbers. He can't escape them any more than we can.

B. Double Master 33-6

Scalia's Lifepath lessons, as well as his Material Soul energies, which define his worldly needs, wants, desires and motivations, reflect the communication and word-saturated 33-6 master number. How well this served him, indeed! It also gave him a loving presence, which has been verified by his colleagues. Even Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who was opposed to him ideologically, referred to him as her best buddy. This reveals Scalia's comment that he attacks ideas, not people.

Adding a third component to Scalia's 33-6 Lifepath and 33-6 Material Soul, is his natal first name of Antonin - a 33-6 as well. This is doubly powerful because when it filters through his 33 Lifepath, the outcome is a 66-3 [33/(33)/66]. The master numbers 33 and 66 are the Royal Communication Couplet of the Master Cipher Spectrum. Thus, every time the name Antonin was spoken, its 33/(33)/66 energy was released upon the energetic winds of the universe.

But there is still more 33-6 energy in his chart. The surname of Scalia carries an 18 root. When this 18 merges with the 15 Transition root in his Lifepath, the outcome PE is a 33-6! All of these 33s and 66s in his chart give the name Antonin Scalia massive communicative prowess and its consequential effectiveness.

C. Double Master 44-8

There is no energy more involved in the flow (8) of laws, rules and regulations (44) more than the master number 44-8. This powerful energy is situated in Justice Scalia's performance in life (PE), as well as in his Material Nature. The 44-8 master is the energy of involvement, engagement, interaction, connection, orchestration, flow, management. For a Supreme Court Justice to have the ability to manage the interaction (8) of laws (4) is, indeed, an important asset.

The 9 Soul

For any individual engaged with the public and all things universal, especially the law, a 9 Soul is excellent because it identifies Scalia's most basic desire to see, engage, and interact with the most critical aspect of American culture Ė the rule of law. Too, the word law is itself a 9 energy (L: 3 + A: 1 + W: 5 = 9).

Although Justice Scalia's Basic Matrix is powerful, his life was made even larger by virtue of his Life Matrix.


The Life Matrix is the internal structure of the Lifepath. It is like looking into the superstructure of a building. It can also be viewed as containing the varying environments and circumstances of a person's journey through life. Antonin Scalia's Life Matrix is filled with powerful master numbers which augment his Basic Matrix and give him the incredible destiny he lived as a Supreme Court Justice.

For example, in the Life Matrix chart to follow, look at his Grand and Crown Challenges at the bottom of the chart. Each Challenge is comprised of two Influence/Reality (IR) Sets, one of which is a 44-8/(11)/55-1. The 44-8 is in the influence position of the IR Set and perfectly matches his life's Performance/Experience (PE) as well as his Material Nature in his Basic Matrix. Such a perfect fit. This "matching" of the 44-8 energy creates stacking, a condition which intensifies the energy itself.

And notice the 11 in parenthesis. This is the filter through which the 44-8 passes to generate the 55-1 outcome PE. Remember, the 11 is an adversarial energy, and as Scalia himself said, I love to argue. Iíve always loved to argue. This "(11)" could also be ciphered as "(11-2)" to show the single "2" cipher.

Furthermore, the outcome PE of the 44-8 filtering through the 11-2 is a 55-1 Ė the energy of the rebel, the dynamic firebrand who cannot be controlled, who acts as he sees fit, speaks and acts directly, not indirectly. This confirms the fact that those who knew him commonly noted, "You always knew where Justice Scalia stood on any issue."

A word string for this 44-8/(11)/55-1 energy pattern could be engagement/(argumentative)/independence - a perfect reflection of Scalia's Grand and Crown Challenges.

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Now take a look at Justice Scalia's 3rd Epoch. This is the rectangle in the middle of the chart on the far right. Its IR Set is a 55-1/(11)/66-3. In this pattern the 55-1 is not in the outcome PE position but in the influencing position. Here, the firebrand is the cause, not the effect. And the outcome PE? It's a 66-3 master number, sibling to the 33-6 master, which rests in Scalia's Lifepath and Material Soul.

The 66-3 is an energy of the love of words and communication. It is a powerful representative of free speech, especially when generated from a 55-1. And as any American will testify, free speech is the crux of our culture and way of life.

Interestingly, like the 55-1, which is anchored in Justice Scalia's chart as both Influence and Outcome, the 66-3 PE in his 3rd Epoch also serves as the influencing energy in his Crown Pinnacle at the top of the chart. As we see, the IR Set is a 66-3/(11)/77-5. It is really amazing that such master numbers as the 55-1 and 66-3 act as both Influence and Outcome in a chart. Very rare.

Notice, too, the 77-5 PE in his Crown Pinnacle. The 77-5 represents an inquisitive mind (77) that is extremely quick, diverse, adjusting, curious and free (5). And remember, it is stemming from a love of words and communication via the 66-3 influencing energy of the IR Set.

All of the numbers in Scalia's Life Matrix are a perfect match to his life and its reality. But that is precisely the way life is; the way destiny is. Numbers rule the universe; they rule our lives; they govern and reflect our destiny. It is a grand truth of life in this world.

Here's another note. Antonin Scalia became a Supreme Court Justice at age 50, one year after his Crown Pinnacle/Challenge couplet entered its timeline for the remainder of his life. From this moment forward he was living in the sweet spot of his destiny - a fact history has already confirmed.


Nothing is random in this universe. Everything exists by a divine design that is irrefutable and immutable. One only has to study the science of numeric coding, i.e., numerology, to understand and grasp this incontrovertible truth.

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Gregory Scalia, born on 11 March 1936 and passing in his sleep during the night of 12/13 February 2016, led a life in perfect synchronicity with the numbers of his full birth name and birth date. In fact, he couldn't be separated from his numbers because numbers are nothing more than labels for energy fields, the energy fields that comprised his very being. And those numbers, as briefly discussed here, emphatically reveal this truth of destiny and a divine design codifying everything that exists.

Hopefully, one day mankind will awaken to this prodigiously profound truth of the divine science of numbers defining who and what we are, and in that awakening there will simultaneously emerge an expanded consciousness transcending the somnambulant state of so-called modern man, leading him, sequentially, into greater realms of life and being.
~ finis

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