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Of all the single numbers in the Alpha Numeric Spectrum, no number expresses solitude more than the number 7. Furthermore, no energy drives an individual to seek solitude more than the 7 occupying the Soul component of the Basic Matrix (see KBN1). The 7 Soul is, indeed, the Sovereign of Solitude. For a general description of the number 7, go here.

In the King's Numerology system the Soul is that component describing a person's needs, wants, motivations, desires. It is the engine fueling one's actions, the heart of a person's chart. It is the driver of desires.

The Soul energy cannot be seen externally. It lies buried beneath the surface of the visible ocean that is a person's life, much like an undersea volcano. Yet, of all the components of the Basic Matrix (personal profile), it is, arguably, the most powerful and, hence, the most critical to understand.

On a personal note, as a professional numerologist, the Soul cipher is the number I always access first when analyzing a person's chart because it tells me what a person wants and needs more than any other number. The Soul is the core of who and what a person is. Furthermore, the Soul cipher is buried, invisible to the naked eye. This in contrast to other Basic Matrix components like the Nature, Expression, Lifepath and PE, which can be discerned externally. If you want to know what really is driving an individual, what is motivating him or her, focus on the Soul first and foremost.

Know, too, that the other numerical Basic Matrix ciphers may be representing externally-based energies. Since these are visible, it is easy to assume they define the individual, but in effect they may be exactly opposite from that which lies buried deeply within the Soul. Hence, a full analysis of an individual could be quite off the mark.

For example, let's say a person has an 8 Expression and a 9 Lifepath. This would generate an 8 PE. This 9/(8)/8 pattern is highly external, visible, social, interactive. Without further knowledge, an observer would assume, incorrectly, that the individual was all about being social. However, let's also say that this individual has a 7 Soul, which would also create a 1 Nature (7 Soul + 1 Nature = 8 Expression). This 7 Soul and 1 Nature combination reflects energies of solitude (7) and independence (1). No two numbers in tandem are more solo and solitary than the 1 and 7.

Thus, an external 9/(8)/8 Umbrella pattern (Lifepath-Expression-PE) juxtaposed with an internal 7 Soul and 1 Nature creates a picture of a person who, on the outside, is completely social but on the inside is completely internalized. Furthermore, the 7 Soul person is deeply motivated to be private, reclusive, solitary, solo, and retiring in contrast to what he or she appears to be to the world - public (9), social and engaging (8).

This dual energy set also creates conflictive issues for the individual. This is because the 7 and 8 are diametrically opposed. Hence, a tug-o-war exists within the person - a continuing private battle of opposing forces that only the person knows, not the public. Externally, he is social. Everyone can see this. But internally he is quite private. No one can see this. Yet, it is an obvious dilemma, a difficult situation both for the person and those around him because what he is perceived to be on the outside is not what he actually is on the inside. Quite the contrary.

A Solitary Life

It is more common than not for a person with a 7 Soul to lead a solitary life or at least dream of one. Even if married, the individual will seek, in some way, solitude. This can be manifested as a desire to go on walks alone, to have private meditation or reading time, or even to have a personal sanctuary within the home to serve as a retreat from the external world of social and familial interaction. The point to remember is this: a 7 Soul person needs private time and space. This is not optional. It is obligatory for the individual's health and well-being. Thus, family, friends, parents, spouses, and partners would be wise to give such a person his time and space. 7 Soul individuals recharge in the silence, in the sanctuary of their own privacy. Remember, their primary drive is not social. It is private, regardless of outer appearances.

A solitary life can manifest as a single, unmarried life when driven by a 7 Soul. This is quite common. Other energies in the chart, especially an abundance of social numbers (2-4-6-8), may be active but the 7 Soul often causes the individual to seek separation and isolation in spite of external or worldly desires.

Regarding marriage, a 7 Soul person would be well-served to find a partner who has a 7 Expression, Lifepath, Nature, or PE. This would create a condition of resonance and compatibility. For a 7 Soul person to marry an individual with no 7s in his or her Basic Matrix would be unwise, especially for the long run. Likewise, it would not be beneficial for a person with no 7s in his or her Basic Matrix to marry someone with a 7 Soul for the same reason. Good relationships are built on energetic, numeric resonance. Opposites may attract out of curiosity but they don't last as a general rule.


The 7 Soul is seclusive, private, solitary. Its desires are not socially external but personally internal. 7 Soul people love their time alone and their space, which is obligatory to their well-being. Thus, family, friends, partners, etc. would be wise and well-served to know the Soul energy of everyone in their personal world, and to honor and respect those who have a 7 Soul - the sovereign of solitude. To compute the Soul number, go here.
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