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Richard Andrew King is a compelling and dynamic public speaker.
Expressing himself with authority, King's message is eloquent, clear and resonates with people.

~ Greg Kaminsky, Occult of Personality-Beyond the Veil

Deep, detailed and prophetic, the knowledge Richard shares will change the way you live your life.
~ Cyndi Silva, Metaphysical Wisdom

I have to say one thing about Richard, you don't get better than the best, and he is tops.
~ Gary Silverman

Richard Andrew King
Renaissance Man - Educator - Author - Martial Artist - Numerologist - Poet - Singer/Songwriter

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Sample Topic List

From Classroom to Worldroom
Creating a successful transition from school to the real world
Decoding Your Destiny
Millennia Shift
Fire to Water; Yang to Yin
Destinies of the Rich & Famous
The Secret Numbers of Extraordinary Lives
The Age of the Female:
The Remarkable Ascent of Woman
Princess Diana: Millennia Bridge
The Unknown Secrets of
Love & Attraction
How to Create the Perfect Relationship
A Dozen Diamonds: 12 Gems to
Building Successful Relationships
Living Loneliness
Numbers & the Bible
The Two Paths in Life:
Secular & Spiritual
The Divine Diet
Raising Kids by their Numbers
Our Lives in Numbers
Beyond Birth and Death
The Virtue Revolution
Who Are You, Really?
Why They Are Famous
Messages from the Masters
Black Belt Secrets of Life
Black Belt Parenting
How to Keep America Alive
Virtue - The Forgotten Currency
How to Keep America Alive
The Blessings of Being Unloved, Unpopular, Unattractive, Unknown

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