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America, Sweet Soul
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(Copyright 1999 by Richard Andrew King)

America!  America!
Sweet soul, lift up your eyes.
Your love of personalities
portends of your demise.

Great men and women seeking Truth,
in search to quench their thirst,
place principles on pedestals--
not personalities first.

There was a time when you believed
in Right, where virtue graces;
but now you're sacrificing all
for the love of passing faces.

You worship Ease, not Principle;
accept the base to lead you on;
blinded by your biased greed,
you displace Right with Wrong.

America!  America!
Sweet soul, observe your deeds
for they are the reflection
of your prior, planted seeds,

seeds which yield fruit
exactly of its kind.
One cannot harvest oranges
after planting seeds of lime.

America!  America!
Love principles chaste and pure,
personalities will come and go
but principles endure.

Times will go on changing
with faces old and new,
success, however, rests upon
principles holding true.

Therefore, beware America!
Your legacy lies in knowing
that the reaping of your future
hangs on the seeds you're sowing!

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(Copyright 1999 by Richard Andrew King)

Animal food to animal plane;
omnivorous diet, dangerous game.
We cannot ascend to spiritual planes
when slaughtering animals for selfish gains.

The Way of the Spirit is Spirit true.
Consuming flesh will consume you.
Negative karma do we accrue
when we the carcass of animals chew.

Forever will we be forlorn
when we our heads with flesh adorn.
Forever will we have to morn
for eating those of mother born.

Personal choice is fine to make
but it would be a grave mistake
to think our deeds the Law forsakes
when we the lives of creatures take.

No one escapes the act of killing.
No one thought perhaps more chilling
than paying recompense for the filling
of our bowels with the blood we're spilling.

Consider why the world suffers.
Slaughtering children of their mothers
and eating their flesh most surely colors
the karmas we reap from eating others.

The Law exonerates no woman, man
for eating the flesh of children.
Celebrity,  pontiff,  pauper,  king--
no absolution for murdering.

Critical to Freedom, this feeding game;
'tis but ourselves we have to blame
when we cannot our diets tame;
our lot--to suffer just the same.

Think you'll escape? Think again!
Consuming flesh is tragic sin.
Horrific penalties accrue to him
or her who is not vegetarian.

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Copyright 1999 by Richard Andrew King
(Every verse based on mystic or spiritual scripture)

In this loveless land of Spirit lost
where the Prince of Darkness rules,
there stands a sign before the gate,
"Behold, the World of Fools!"

Ignorance and insanity
reign supreme within this land.
For eons struggles every soul
to reach the rung of man,

and when God finally lifts the soul
to the highest rung within the Wheel--
eight million four hundred thousand rungs--
man forgets to kneel!

He takes his form for granted;
squanders priceless time;
wastes his every precious breath
to rise above the mind,

above, beyond, this evil land
where Satan truly rules;
thus hangs a sign around his neck,
"Behold!  The fool of fools!"

Trapped in anger and in pride,
attachment, lust and greed,
man falls, again, sadly again
for the signs he did not read.

"You do not own your body,"
says the Lord to lucky man.
"I've graced you with this human form
so you can leave this land

and rise within my Kingdom
to come and be with Me,
to live within my warm embrace
for all eternity,

to share the peace, the bliss, the love
as all souls with me feel,
and all I asked was your sweet love,
but you forgot to kneel.

Instead, you lost yourself in sin.
You, my commandments cherished not.
Somehow, you never realized
that with a price you're bought!

This human body is not yours.
I gave it you to see
if you would love the world
or give your love to me.

Sadly, you have missed the chance
to use this holy tool
to finally gain Salvation,
and still you play the fool!

Have you never heard my words?
Do you scripture never read?
Have you no knowledge of the Law?
Why do you never heed

the teachings of the Saints
whom I gave to judge the world,
to lift you 'in' and 'up'
and prevent you being hurled

back into the Wheel
where fears and tears abound,
where eons you will wail and flail
and I can n'er be found;

where you will howl in horror,
drenched in demon fright
for failing, while in human form,
to seek My Living Light,

and live within My Sacred Laws,
Laws based in purity?
In truth, it is the only way
to avoid this tragedy.

I have told you very clear,
you rest in My employ,
and if you violate My Laws,
you I will destroy!

Your body is the Temple
of the Living Lord of Light,
and if you choose defilement,
then I will set you right

and I will throw you back
into the fire 'til you learn
that you must not defile Me
or I will make you burn;

burn not to destroy
but to purify your mind,
that you finally learn to cherish
this human life Divine.

Please do not be deceived.
I have made My Laws.
If you choose not to honor them,
your tears will have their cause.

I will not tolerate your sin
in this human form I gave.
Repent and purify, my love,
or your soul I will not save.

Listen not to earthly talk
or those from worldly schools.
This land is not my paradise--
it is my World of Fools!

God and mammon you can't serve.
Divided houses fall.
One day you'll be made to claim
the consequences of your call,

and if you lead a holy life
all will turn out well,
but if you don't, then tragically,
I will send you to hell,

and you will burn, make no mistake,
for eons--fire and strife.
So critical is this human form,
so critical is this life,

that if it has been wasted
and focused on the world,
back into the endless depths
will your soul be hurled.

Beware!  I warn you!  Heed these words!
The end is coming soon.
Do not squander this great gift
and lose this precious boon.

The time is now to seek the Lord.
Wait not another day.
Endless darkness waits for thee
if you choose not to pay

the price for loving God
and seeking all that's pure,
for cherishing this human life
and to the end endure.

Please, dear child, time is near
when Death will wield his tool.
Purify your life in Mine,
and do not die a fool!"

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(Copyright 1999 by Richard Andrew King)

Life to life our faces change;
likewise do our names;
gender, form and personality--
Incarnation's Game.

Craving spawns attachment.
Attachment pulls us back.
We could not be a prisoner
without a sense of lack.

Desires dictate where we go
in the realms where we'll perform
as man or beast or vegetable--
it's all a play of form.

Higher thoughts grant higher forms;
lower thoughts the same.
Devoid of flaw, designed by Law--
Incarnation's Game.

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(Copyright 1999 by Richard Andrew King)

If you fly in the face of God,
you'll weep on your knees in hell.
No one defies His Laws
and smiles to tell!

Every seed receives its deed
growing to fruition.
To muse in schools where insolence rules
extracts extreme tuition.

No one sits upon His Throne
or countermands His Law.
If you think of flying in the face of God,
prepare yourself to fall

for fall you will.  No one escapes.
If His Laws warrant not your keeping,
then you, for flying in the face of God,
will redeem your insolence. . . weeping!

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(Copyright 1999 by Richard Andrew King)

Life is serious business.
A truth we can't deny--
a truth made more the poignant
when we die.

Life is serious business.
Our Salvation is at stake;
and to waste one precious moment
is the greatest, grave mistake.

We've been given life within this form,
within this human frame,
to Realize the Lord Within
by contacting His Name.

If we choose not to follow Him
and play away instead,
we can't be optimistic
of our future when we're dead.

God lives within this body coil,
as Perfect Saints agree.
If we're to gain His Kingdom,
we must live Righteously.

No meat, no drugs, no alcohol,
no sex unless we're wed.
It may seem bitter medicine,
but soon we will be dead;

and the way we lived our life
will determine where we go--
higher in His Spirit,
or drenched in woe below

in the furnace of the Wheel's forms
where wailing cries abound
from the torture of the Devil's fire
in the Devil's Nether Ground.

Life is serious business.
We must be ever wise.
There will be consequences
for the way we live our lives.

And we must know, He's watching us
to see the choices that we make;
to see if we are worthy
from this world to graduate,

to move on in the journey
of our soul returning Home;
if not, we may be banished
to lower fields to roam

from form to form in endless toil
upon the Wheel in distress,
all because we disbelieved
that life was serious business.

And to think we rise to Heaven
when we die is foolish thought
if we don't put in effort
for our effort is the Plot.

No one gains diplomas
by wishing on a star.
No one gains Salvation
ignoring God afar.

No one gets a Ph.D.
without hard work for years.
Likewise, God is Realized
by yearning sweat and tears.

It's just not fair to grant degrees
unless the work is done.
The University of God
rewards Divine Devotion--

loyalty, allegiance,
commitment to His Laws,
a lifetime spent in living pure
and cleansing all our flaws.

Why should the Lord be gracious
and grant us Life Divine
if we spend life ignoring Him
and wasting precious time?

God expects our effort
if we're to Merge with Him.
There are no instant purchases
in quest to enter In.

God is not a man and can't be fooled
by slippery slights of mind.
His criteria for graduation
lie in acts Divine.

By praying Him with empty tongue
to save our soul at death
is useless act of ignorance
and wastes our precious breath.

If we chase Him devotedly,
at death our soul is saved;
but if we turn our back on Him,
it's Hell beyond the grave.

Life is serious business,
and time is running out;
and, by the way, earth's riches,
to God, have zero clout.

What works with God is love,
devotion to His Cause
living Right and Purely
and honoring His Laws.

Violation of this form
and the life with which we're blessed,

will not gain us His Kingdom,
for life is serious business.

Make your choices now,
but be careful how you choose.
If you deny His Way of Life,
without a doubt, you'll lose.

God did not give us human form
to squander in our days
of earthly life and living
in search of earthly praise.

God gave us life and body
of human form to save
our errant souls from bondage
and the horror of the grave,

to lift our soul past Heaven
to Realms of Peace and Bliss,
to Merge with Him Forever
in the Love of His Sweet Business.

So, be mindful of your life,
grateful, and do not miss
the opportunity of human life,
for life is serious business!

Never may it come again,
and it's scurrying away.
Be about His Business
and don't let ignorance betray

the Gift of Gifts of creatures
born into this earth--
the precious, priceless, human form
with its precious, priceless worth.

Life is serious business.
Be careful as you trod.
The actions that we make today
lead us to Hell or God.

It's true we have a choice
on how to live and why,
but, remember, life is passing
and soon we'll have to die,

and death is not an end
but a door which opens wide
to either Hell or Heaven
when we pass to the other side!

So, my friends, be ever wise.
Betray no Future with a kiss.
Miss not this opportunity
of honoring His Sweet Business!

Take not this life for granted.
Trust Saints and all they know.
Your Life is serious business.
Come Home and save your soul!

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(Copyright 1999 by Richard Andrew King)

Perfect practice perfect makes;
simple practice makes a habit.
If it's perfection we desire,
then we must make Perfection habit.

Simple habits, habits make;
the outcome of our loves
becomes extraordinary in the law
that perfect is as perfect does.

When we spend time in forming
those things we want in grooves,
then we must practice perfectly,
for perfect is as perfect moves.

We can't expect perfection
from results our effort takes
if we don't practice perfectly,
for perfect is as perfect makes!

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Copyright 1999 by Richard Andrew King

Remember the Lord, brothers, sisters;
Itís the way we go*;
Transient is the world;
Transient is the show;
Transient is the great life stage
From the Fifth Great Gate below.
Remember the Lord, brothers, sisters;
Itís the way we go.

Fear not?  Care not?  The Wheel beckons still-
A Siren's Song enslaving all
Who live not by His Will;
An ever turning, ever churning
Prison house of form
Where suffer all who made their fall
From casting nets of scorn
Upon the thought that God rules not,
Nor lives in human form;
So now they burn in torment.
Torn and worn they mourn.

Remember the Lord, brothers, sisters;
Itís the way we go;
Transient is the world;
Transient is the show;
Transient is the great life stage
From the Fifth Great Gate below.
Remember the Lord, brothers, sisters;
Itís the way we go

Fear not?  Care not?  Too proud to call His Name?
Oh, for the woes of ego!
Oh, for the halls of shame!
Ever fleeting is this life,
Moments lost in vain;
Moments lost in "I-ness"
N'er to come again!
Moments lost to passing lusts,
Anger, greed and gain;
Life cast forth within the Wheel
Won't be the same again.

Remember the Lord, brothers, sisters;
Itís the way we go;
Transient is the world;
Transient is the show;
Transient is the great life stage
From the Fifth Great Gate below.
Remember the Lord, brothers, sisters;
Itís the way we go.

Fear not?  Care not?  The Path has no appeal?
What chips have you to bargain with
When with the Judge you deal,
A judge who shows no mercy,
Whose hand is cold as steel,
Who just as soon imprison you
And keep you trapped upon the Wheel;
Whose very goal in life
Is from your life to steal,
To enslave and bind your Soul
And keep you reeling on his Wheel?

Remember the Lord, brothers, sisters;
Itís the way we go;
Transient is the world;
Transient is the show.
Transient is the great life stage
From the Fifth Great Gate below.
Remember the Lord, brothers, sisters
Itís the way we go.

* Quote from Guru Nanak