THE KING'S NUMEROLOGY COACHING PROGRAM allows you to study with master numerologist, Richard Andrew King. The introductory monthly price of only $200 gives you four 1/2 hour personal one-on-one sessions or the equivalent. You can have one half-hour session per week for four weeks, two one hour sessions during the month or a full two hour session at one time. Your choice. You may discuss whatever you wish. Ask questions about your own chart, a spouse or family member's chart, numerology theories, concepts, formulas, etc. This program is designed to help you learn numerology, and there is no better way than personal one-on-one training. This study program will cut years, even decades, off your learning time table. In a relatively small amount of time [compared to Mr. King's thirty plus years of study, research and professional work], and with a modest investment, you can be a knowledgeable and worthy numerologist.

The program runs for one month at a time. There are no carry-over times or rollover minutes. You must use your purchased time within thirty days from the date of purchase. If you do not use your time, it is forfeited. The main advantage of this program is that there is no long-term contract, only a commitment of one month at a time. Sessions are by phone, not email.

As a FREE gift with your continuing monthly enrollment, every month you can choose to have a full numerology chart created for anyone you choose or a relationship Mix & Match chart created for any two people. This will help you learn by being able to study the charts of people you know. This is a $100 value, free!

Your personal one-on-one numerology training will begin at a mutually determined time upon receipt of your payment. Mr. King will contact you to arrange your first session or set a weekly schedule. At the time of your allotted session, you will contact Mr. King with the phone number he furnishes you.

*** FAILURE TO SHOW: Should you fail to cancel your scheduled appointment within twenty-four hours prior to its scheduled time, your fee will be forfeited for that particular lesson and no make-up given. In effect, you are purchasing Mr. King's time to be available for you at the time you've chosen, and it is your responsibility to be timely.

*** This is a temporary special offer. Prices and offerings subject to change. ACT NOW!

PURCHASE NOW: $200/Month

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