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Date of Publication: 5 November 2019, Tuesday

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We don't see things the way they are. We see things the way we are
and, more specifically, we see things the way our numbers are.

~ Richard Andrew King

"WHY OH WHY CAN'T YOU SEE MY POINT?" says Person #1. "It is so very clear." "Why-oh-why can't you see my point?" says Person #2. "You couldn't be more blind!"

The answer to this tte--tte is very simple. Each of us sees things through multiple layers of our own energetic lenses, i.e., our own exclusive set of numbers. No two people's numbers are exactly the same. Everyone is different, unique. Furthermore, some people's numbers are diametrically opposed to our numbers, our energies, making it impossible to see what the other person is "seeing."

It is this principle of Number Vision that generates harmony or inharmony between people. Need an example? Just look at the United States Congress. Enough said.

Our Lifepath number is a major lens through which each of us sees. There is an extensive four-part article series on the Lifepath beginning here. Then Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4. For now, just pay attention to your simple Lifepath number. This is determined by adding the numbers of your date of birth together and reducing to a single digit: Day + Month + Year = your Lifepath. The article series explains the full process. The Lifepath numbers indicate the Lessons, Influences, Subjects and Themes (LIST) of an individual's life. The Lifepath can also be regarded as one's Life Script, as in a movie script.

For example, let's say Person #1 has a 7 Lifepath and Person #2 has an 8 Lifepath. The #7 is the most internal and non-social (not to be confused with anti-social) energy there is. The #8 is the most external and social energy there is. Therefore, a person with a 7 Lifepath will see things very differently from the person with an 8 Lifepath.

If a question were, "What is the best way to spend one's life?", the 7 Lifepath person will say it's best to be separate, alone, solitary, introspective, reflective, studious and thoughtful, while the 8 Lifepath person will say it's best to be socially interactive, engaged with others and involved with the family, neighborhood, community, city, country, etc. These views are completely opposite, but they're correct for each person. Therefore, it's highly doubtful such individuals could ever find harmony in their connection because the 7 Lifepath will generate a LIST of internalization while the 8 Lifepath will experience a LIST of externalization.

Again, We don't see things the way they are. We see things the way we are and, more specifically, the way our numbers are.

But our Number Vision isn't relegated solely to our Lifepath number and its energy. There is the Expression, Performance/Experience, Soul, Material Soul, Nature and Material Nature components of the Basic Matrix — all of which generate their own specific energetic lens. And let's not forget any voids present in the natal name. They will definitely have their affect, too. Next, the eleven components of the Life Matrix (Epochs, Pinnacles and Challenges) will add their vibrations to the equation.

To test this principle, compare your Lifepath number with others in your circle of friends, family, adversaries, even enemies. Just be aware that the Lifepath number is only one variable in Number Vision. The best assessment will occur when several components are contrasted. Begin with the seven components of the Basic Matrix. You'll soon realize that We don't see things the way they are. We see things the way we are and, more specifically, the way our numbers are.

Happy discoveries!

(c) Richard Andrew King




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Richard Andrew King should be called Dr. King. His books are timeless and of
the magnitude that will be read with reverence for generations to come.

~ Dr. Victoria Ford, J.D.

After learning from King's teaching, it is impossible to conceive of going back
to that 'twilight naive and foggy' state of being where one can only guess or hint
at the truths, motivations, and directions of one's life that are Pre-King.

~ Hunter Stowers, B.A. & M.A.- Art, Entertainer and Metaphysician

Richard Andrew King is the teacher's teacher, the archeologist of numerologists.
~ Toni Allocco

The most comprehensive Numerology Reading on the Internet!
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~ Cyndi Silva, Metaphysical Wisdom

Other numerologists may refer to themselves as master numerologists,
but Richard Andrew King is the King of numerologists

~ Tashia P., Award winning photographer

Richard, I just finished reading your first two books: "The King's Book of Numerology, Volumes 1 and 2."
Your overall approach makes more sense to me than any other author on the subject. In my quest to not
just learn but to truly understand and apply Numerology, Ive read Matthew Oliver, Hanz Decoz, Juno Jorden,
Joanne Justice, Chero, Lloyd Stayhorn, Lynn Buess, Heather Lagen, Julian Moore, and others. I am grateful
to each of these authors as I did learn learn much from them. Yet, to me there seemed to be a missing synthesis
as each author emphasized elements of divination somewhat differently, and at times, contradictory.

Richard, your approach is comprehensive and layered, seemingly leaving no numerical-stone unturned.
The beginner will appreciate your initial simplicity and unique narrative that clearly connect this subject to its
underlying spiritual-context in which all Numerology is based. Afterwards, the way you move into a multi-layered
synthesis, more representative of the human condition than any approach Ive experienced, is extraordinary.

Simply, this work is Immensely useful and actionable! After all, the motivation as to why we engage in Numerology
is far more universal than to simply access insights into who we are," what makes us and others tick
it is to live the best life possible!

~ M. Rockwell Engineer and Business Owner.

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