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Date of Publication: 16 December 2019, Monday

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Note #1: The King's Numerology™ has no political affiliations with the Democratic, Republican, Libertarian or any other party. It is wholly and solely independent and will always remain so.

Note #2: This article is neither intended to extol nor defame Boris Johnson. Its purpose is to show the relationship between his life events and his numbers in order to advance The King's Numerology™ as a science.


Cometh the hour, cometh the man

BORIS JOHNSON, Great Britain's New Prime Minister, has a King's Numerology™ chart gushing with energies of ego, independence, leadership, sovereignty, power, rulership and the masses. With Britain's referendum demanding Brexit (the United Kingdom's withdrawal from the European Union) be realized, Johnson is the leader, perfectly situated, who has the energies, substance and wherewithal to make it happen. The famous aphorism Cometh the hour, cometh the man could not be more apropos.

Boris Johnson - Basic Matrix

Just look at all those 1s and 9s in Johnson's Basic Matrix! Impressive and . . . focused on independence (1) and rulership (9) with no other numbers to dilute them.

The #1 governs the self, ego, identity, independence, action, initiation, being solo, a maverick and even a lone wolf. The #9 represents power, dominance, universality, the public stage, charisma and rulership.

Labeled as the Grand Elemental in the King's Numerology™ system, the #9 is the only single cipher that contains all numbers; hence, all people. Add the nine single numbers together and their result is a 9. Too, any number added to the 9 equals itself. For example, 9 + 8 = 17: 1 + 7 =8. So it is with all the single digits. Because the #9 contains all numbers and reflects all numbers to themselves, the #9 is universally powerful and charismatic. It loves to rule. Whether it governs well or badly is another issue. Every number, like every coin, has two sides — one positive, one negative; one light, one dark.

Johnson's Performance/Experience (PE) — the performance and experience of his life — is a 1 with a 55 Master root. His Material Nature (MN) — his worldly personality — is also a 1 with a 55 root. The #5 governs energies of freedom, detachment, motion, movement, change, versatility, variety, experience and stimulation. Ciphered as 55-1, this energy pattern defines a person who is unique, different, mercurial, unpredictable, dashing, fun, rebellious, uncontrollable and certainly one-of-a-kind. Both the #1 and #5 are fire signs, so the 55-1 is highly hot and active. The 55-1 could easily be identified as the nom de guerre of the free spirit. It is simply and dynamically irrepressible.

Johnson's Expression (full name Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson) is also a 1, as is his Nature (primal personality). These two 1s added to the 1s of his PE and MN generate a quadstack (group of four) of the #1 energy. This creates a person who is saturated with qualities of self, ego, identity, independence, action, leadership, etc. Such a #1 based quadstack in the Basic Matrix certainly references a state of egocentricity, as well as action, courage, will power and sovereignty. The #1 strives to be first, to be the center of attention, to be the star. To be sure, the #1 does not define a follower. It defines a leader, one who goes first and shows the way.

Johnson has three 9s in his Basic Matrix — 9 Lifepath, 9 Soul and 99-9 Material Soul (MS). These three 9s generate a tristack of universal power and rulership. No number is more charismatic and public than the #9.

The Lifepath literally defines the path of one's life, as well as its Lessons, Influences, Subjects and Themes (LIST). Therefore, Johnson's life lessons will focus on power, rulership, the masses and all things universal. The #9 Lifepath is the most expansive and inclusive of the nine Lifepaths. The #9 represents all people, all cultures, all religions, all creeds and nationalities.

The Soul and Material Soul energies define a person's primal and material needs, wants, desires and motivations. For Boris Johnson, his primal and worldly needs are focused on rulership, power and the public stage. Even though he has a quadstack of #1 energy in his Basic Matrix, thus referencing his ego and identity, Johnson's desires are focused not on himself personally but on the masses, the people, politics and the world stage.

Interestingly, the name Boris is also a 9. When added to his 9 Lifepath, 9 Soul and 99-9 Material Soul, a quadstack is formed, thus intensifying the 9's energy.

Common Name — Boris Johnson

The Common Name is that name by which each of us is commonly known. The Basic Matrix of Boris Johnson is extremely revealing. Just take a look!

As is visible, Johnson's 9 Lifepath, 9 Soul and 99-9 Material Soul remain intact. In this regard, the energies of his full birth name and Common Name are identical. However, in place of the four 1s in his natal Basic Matrix there are now four 5s — 5 Expression, 5 PE, 5 Nature and 5 Material Nature. These will intensify the two 55s in his natal name, thus greatly increasing and intensifying the overall 5 energy in both names! By the way, a large amount of 5 energy can result in one being somewhat wild and carefree. Hence, Johnson's hair style. It's totally a 5. All people "talk their numbers" but Johnson wears his on his head!

The 5 and 9 together create a forceful human magnetism. The #5 is the Number of Man. The #9 is the Number of Humanity. No two numbers involve the masses more than the #5 and #9 together. This makes Boris Johnson a "man of the people." Interestingly, Princess Diana also had the numbers 5 and 9 in her chart but not in the same way or to the same degree as Johnson's chart reveals.

Johnson's Common Name Basic Matrix of 5s and 9s is indicative of a true rebel with a cause. Talk about a free spirit with universal connectivity! Boris Johnson is that guy.

Thus, between his full natal name and common name, Boris Johnson's basic personality is saturated with three numbers only — 1-5-9: individuality-freedom-universality. Elementally, this manifests as fire-fire and more fire. Very fascinating. This is why, as far as Brexit is concerned, Johnson is its perfect paladin. By a free and open referendum, the majority of Britains want a free, sovereign and independent United Kingdom and Boris Johnson is the man who cometh in the hour of the UK Brexit.

(c) Richard Andrew King

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