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Date of Publication: 15 November 2019, Friday

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Note #1: The King's Numerology™ has no political affiliations with the Democratic, Republican, Libertarian or any other party. It is wholly and solely independent and will always remain so.

Note #2: This article is neither intended to extol nor defame Adam Schiff. Its purpose is to show the relationship between his life events and his numbers in order to advance The King's Numerology™ as a science.


No man is wise enough, nor good enough, to be trusted with unlimited power.
~ Charles Caleb Colton


Adam Schiff, a Democrat, is the Chair of the House Intelligence Committee. In his passion to impeach the President of the United States, Donald Trump, he is obviously driven by characteristics of ego and power. Where do these qualities appear in his King's Numerology™ chart?

Adam Schiff - Basic Matrix

On first glance at Schiff's Basic Matrix, there is no obvious indication of ego and power to the extent he manifests these tendencies. Yet, they are there. Can you find them? How studied are you in the subject of Subcaps? That's a direct clue. Look deeper. They're there and they comprise a quintstack (stack of five) manifesting the specific elements of both ego and power.

The only noticeable powerful energy in Adam Schiff's Basic Matrix is the 44-8 in his Lifepath. The 44-8 identifies an energy of generalship, managerialship, engagement, involvement and interaction. When in the Lifepath, the 44-8 defines the Lessons, Influences, Subjects and Themes (LIST) of one's life, i.e., the script of one's life. It does not define the essence or capability of the individual.

The two 11-2s in his Material Soul (MS) and Material Nature (MN) are common to people involved in some degree and type of relationship, which can be oppositional, conflictive, combative, adversarial, competitive. The 11-2 is the most common binary Master number.

So far in Schiff's Basic Matrix, there is no indication of an excessive ego and thirst for power, at least on the surface. Ego and power are manifested primarily in the numbers 1 and 9. The #1 represents the energy of ego, self, identity, leadership, individuality. The #9 represents power, the public stage, universality, dominance. We don't see these numbers on the surface, but they are there — in the Subcaps of the numbers 12 and 21 in Schiff's Soul and Nature.

Subcaps are generated in the process of subtraction. When the 1 is subtracted from the 2 in the 12s and 21s, a 1 appears — the exact number of ego and self!

Therefore, the two 21s and the one 12 in Schiff's Soul create a tristack of 1 energy. The one 12 and one 21 in his Nature generate a dual stack of 1 energy. Added together, these create a quintstack (five stack) of 1 energy.

Okay. We've discovered the 1 energy of ego, but where's the 9 energy of power and dominance? Good question. Here's the answer: When the 1, serving as the LIST, is added to Schiff's 8 Lifepath, the outcome is a 9! The Influence/Reality Set (IR Set) is a 1/(8)/9 — a powerful energy field of ego (1) and power (9). Furthermore, in Schiff's chart this 1/(8)/9 IR Set is stacked 5 times, generating an enormous structure of ego, power and dominance.

A critical note is that the Soul defines a person's most primal needs, wants, desires and motivations. With a tristack of the 1/(8)/9 energy in his Soul, Adam Schiff is deeply and primarily motivated by ego, self, power and dominance. The dual set of 1/(8)/9 energy in his Nature defines his personality. Therefore, the energy of ego and power not only drives him internally but defines him externally.

There's more. Schiff's Lifepath houses a 44 Master energy. It's not just a simple 8. The 44 has great power of management (good or bad). Now, when the five 1s in his Soul and Nature are added to the 44-8 energy of generalship and managerialship in his Lifepath, the 9 outcome energy (the PE) is fortified by the 44-8. This can be ciphered as 1/(44-8)/9.

Still more. The name Adam is a 1 in reduction. When this 1 is added to Schiff's 44-8 Lifepath, another 1/(44-8)/9 IR Set is created. When added to the quintstack of 1/(44-8)/9 energy in his Soul and Nature Subcaps, a hexstack (stack of six) is created, thus adding more intensity to the ego/power paradigm. Make no mistake. A hexstack of 1/(44-8)/9 is potent, and Adam Schiff's behavior is a clear manifestation of ego/(managerialship)/power.

This hexstack of 1/(44-8)/9 is the smoking gun of Adam Schiff's obsession with ego and power and explains why he is who he is and, more importantly, why he seeks dominance over fairness, supreme rulership over righteous and equal governance.

The 7 Void

There is another critical factor in Adam Schiff's chart and that is his 7 void, meaning that his natal name Adam Bennett Schiff has no Gs, Ps or Ys. There is also no 7 in any component of his Basic Matrix, compounding the negative effects of the 7 void. Plus, his common name, Adam Schiff, is also a 7 in reduction.

The #7 governs thought, introspection, examination, reflection, study, critical thinking and internalization. When the 7 is void in a name, individuals often express a lack of discretion, thorough thinking, deep analysis, good judgment and faulty decision-making. Judging by his actions and pursuit of an impeachment that was a failure from the outset, Adam Schiff can certainly be characterized as a person who openly manifests the characteristics of the 7 void.

What this article has revealed is that understanding Subcaps is a critical aspect of understanding people, their motivations and actions. The truth is always in the numbers, or their absence, as in the case of voids. Sometimes the truth is buried and challenging to find, as this article observes, but it is always there. It has to be there. As Pythagoras noted 2500 years ago, Numbers rule the universe. Everything is arranged according to number and mathematical shape. Underscore everything.

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